Activities to improve coexistence in the classroom

Coexistence is one of the bases of teaching and learning. When there is a good climate in the classroom, children feel more motivated and can get the most out of the activities.

But, what can we do to improve coexistence in the classroom? Next, we leave you some ideas of activities to promote coexistence in the infant and primary classroom.


What activities can be carried out to improve school coexistence

School life is a very important issue. Here are some activities you can do to improve it:

  • Foster respect for others. This includes respect for the opinion of others, personal space, property and differences.
  • Enhance assertiveness. Boys and girls must learn to express their needs and defend themselves adequately, without attacking.
  • Teach to resolve conflicts. Learning to dialogue, to listen and to put oneself in the other's place are very useful skills for resolving conflicts peacefully.
  • To promote teamwork. Boys and girls must learn to collaborate and work as a team, putting the common good above their personal interest.
  • Develop empathy. Boys and girls must learn to put themselves in the place of the other, to understand their emotions and to feel compassion.

What activities can be developed to strengthen coexistence?

Coexistence is a very important characteristic of life in society and can be improved through various activities. Here are some of them:

  • Promote respect for differences: we are all different and that is what makes us special. Respecting the differences of others is very important to live in harmony.
  • Empathy: putting yourself in the other's place is essential to understand them and reach an agreement. Empathy is very useful to improve coexistence.
  • Communication: it is key to expressing our needs and making our points of view known. Effective communication is very important to improve coexistence.
  • Tolerance: accepting the differences of others and being tolerant of them is essential to living in peace.
  • Assertiveness: expressing our needs and points of view clearly and without aggressiveness is very important to improve coexistence.

From the first day of school, the classroom must be established as an environment of respect, cooperation, and learning. To do this, different playful activities can be carried out that help children to integrate and get to know each other better.

Some of these activities are:

-The round of names: each child says his name and something about himself, while the others listen attentively. All children should have the same turn to speak.

-The collective hug: all the children hug each other and then shake hands one by one, saying the name of the other. This activity fosters respect and empathy.

-Active listening: consists of each child telling a short story about himself, while the others listen carefully and ask questions after he has finished speaking.

These activities are just some of the many that exist and that can help improve coexistence in the classroom. The important thing is that they are playful and participatory, so that all children feel involved and valued.

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