Activities to work on decision-making in adolescents

Adolescents are in a stage of life in which they are in a constant decision-making process. Often these decisions are made impulsively and without thinking about the consequences. It is important that adolescents learn to make decisions responsibly and consciously. These activities will help them develop this skill.


How to work decision-making in adolescents?

During adolescence, young people begin to make more decisions for themselves. As they get older, their parents or legal guardians have less control over them, and they must trust them to make the best decisions for themselves and the family. It is normal for adolescents to experience some degree of distress while they are learning to make their own decisions. They often feel insecure and are not sure how to proceed. It is important that parents or legal guardians provide support and guidance to adolescents as they navigate this decision-making process.

There are many ways parents can help teens make better decisions. The first thing they need to do is make sure teens understand the basics of decision making. This includes helping them understand how decisions are made, what factors need to be considered, and how to assess the consequences of their decisions. It's also important for teens to know how to seek and get help when they need to make an important decision. Here are some tips to help teens make better decisions:

  • Help your child understand how decisions are made. Explain that decisions are made considering a number of factors, such as goals, consequences, available options, and personal preferences. Help your child understand how to evaluate these factors to make the best decision possible.
  • Encourage him to ask questions. Encouraging your child to ask questions about the decisions he makes will help him think critically about his choices. Be sure to answer his questions clearly and concisely, and help him find more information if necessary.
  • Listen to their opinions. Sometimes teens feel unsure of themselves and don't want to share their opinions with their parents. However, it is important that teens know that their opinions are valid and that they are respected. Encourage your child to share his views and to explain why he thinks this is the best option.
  • Find help when you need it. Sometimes teens are faced with very difficult decisions, like whether to take drugs or have sex. If your child is facing a decision

    What activities are developed in decision making?

    The activities that take place in decision-making are:

    • Analysis of the situation
    • Identification of the options
    • Evaluation of the options
    • Option Selection
    • Communication of the decision
    • Implementation of the decision
    • Decision follow-up

    How to do a decision-making exercise

    There are many ways to carry out a decision-making exercise. Here are some examples of how a decision-making exercise might be conducted:

    • Define the problem: The first stage of a decision-making exercise is to identify the problem to be solved. This involves understanding the context in which the decision will be made and the consequences it may have.
    • Analyze the options: once the problem has been identified, it is necessary to consider the different options available to solve it. This involves weighing the pros and cons of each option, as well as the potential consequences of each.
    • Making the decision: Once all the available information has been analyzed, it is time to make the decision. This implies selecting the option that is considered most appropriate to solve the problem in question.
    • Implement the decision: once the decision is made, it is necessary to implement it. This implies carrying out the necessary actions to put into practice the decision made.
    • Evaluate the results: Once the decision has been implemented, it is necessary to evaluate the results. This involves checking whether the decision taken has effectively resolved the problem and, if not, considering which option might be better.

    What decisions can a 14-year-old make?

    Depending on the maturity of the adolescent, they can make different decisions. Some teens can make decisions like going to school, going to college, or taking a job. Other teens may make decisions about their religion or whether to have sex. They can also make decisions about alcohol or drug use.

    Some teens can make decisions about how to spend their money. They can also make decisions about how to spend their free time. They can decide if they are going to play sports, watch movies, or go out with friends.

    Teens can also make decisions about their future. They can decide what career to study or what kind of job they want to have. They can also decide if they want to have children or not.

    Teenagers need to learn to make decisions, since at this stage of life they will face many changes. To help them make decisions, different activities can be carried out with them, such as role plays, group discussions or individual talks. These activities will help them better understand how to make a decision and make it more effectively.

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