Activities to work on Women's Day in primary school

March 8 , Women's Day. A date to reflect on gender equality, gender violence and the role of women in society. On this day, the murder of the textile workers at the Cotton factory in New York in 1908 is commemorated .

To commemorate this day, we propose a series of activities to work in class with your primary students .


What activities can be done for Women's Day?

For Women's Day, many activities can be carried out, since it is a day to celebrate all the women of the world. Some activities that can be done are:

  • Organize a dinner to celebrate Women's Day with all the important women in your life.
  • Attend a march or rally to celebrate Women's Day and women's rights.
  • Donate money or time to an organization that fights for women's rights.
  • Make a list of all the women you admire and why.
  • Discuss with other people about important issues for women, such as sexual harassment, feminism, or gender equality.
  • Attend a talk or conference by an inspiring woman.
  • Write a blog or an article on issues related to women.
  • Share positive and supportive messages for Women's Day on social networks.

How to teach women's day to children

Women's Day is a very important date to commemorate. It is celebrated on March 8 and it is a good time to teach children the value of gender equality. Here are some ideas for doing so:

1. Explain why women's day is celebrated. Emphasize that this is a day to celebrate all women, regardless of age, race, culture, or religion.

2. Share some of the great women who have changed the world. You can read biographies together or watch inspirational videos online. This will help boys see that women can achieve great things.

3. Get the children involved in activities related to Women's Day. They can help organize a parade or party, or simply draw and paint banners to hang in the classroom or at home.

4. Teach boys how they can be advocates for gender equality. Find a way for everyone to do it, whether it's talking to other kids about it, helping plan an event in their community, or writing a letter to a political leader.

5. Remember that Women's Day is not just for girls. Invite boys to take part in activities and help celebrate gender equality.

What can be done on March 8?

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. It is a date to remember the fight of women for equal rights and to celebrate the social, political and economic achievements of women.

Although March 8 is an international day, in many countries women continue to fight for equality. In some places, March 8 is a strike day to draw attention to the inequalities that still exist. Elsewhere, the day is celebrated with events and activities to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality.

Here are some ideas of things to do on March 8:

  • Organize a march or vigil to raise awareness about the injustices that still exist against women.
  • Donate to or support organizations that fight for women's rights.
  • Attend an event or conference on issues related to gender equality.
  • Pay attention to the news and conversations on social networks to be informed about the situation of women around the world.
  • Talk to your daughters and sons about gender equality and how they can contribute to improving the situation of women.
  • Share information about March 8 and International Women's Day with your friends and family.

How to explain Women's Day?

Women's Day is celebrated every March 8 and is a date that commemorates the fight of women for equal rights. Although Women's Day is an international celebration, each country celebrates it in a different way. In some places, Women's Day is a public holiday, while in others, events and activities are held to raise awareness of gender equality.

The history of Women's Day dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when women began to fight for their rights. In 1909, women textile workers in New York City protested against their 16-hour work day and low wages. This protest led to a week-long women's strike that ended in violent repression by the police. A year later, in 1910, the International Conference of Socialist Women met in Copenhagen and agreed that March 8 would be celebrated as International Women's Day .

Since then, March 8 has become a key date for the fight for gender equality . Over the years, Women's Day has witnessed numerous achievements for women, such as the right to vote, the right to work or the right to study. However, much remains to be done to achieve real equality between men and women.

Currently, Women's Day is celebrated around the world and is a day to reflect on gender equality and to honor all women who have fought for equality.

In this article various activities are offered to work on Women's Day in primary class. Recreational activities are proposed so that boys and girls get to know the figure of women through history, literature and cinema. It is a didactic way of raising awareness among children about gender equality.

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