Camilo José Cela Villafranca del Castillo University how to get there

The Camilo José Cela University is located in the province of Madrid, in the town of Villafranca del Castillo. It is a young institution, since it was created in 2007. Although it is a newly created university, it has all the necessary infrastructures and services so that its students can enjoy quality training.

To get to the Camilo José Cela University in Villafranca del Castillo, it is best to use public transport. The university is well connected by bus and train, and has a metro stop a few minutes from its facilities. In case you prefer to use private transport, you can park in the spaces provided for it without any problem.


What is Camilo José Cela University like?

Camilo José Cela University is a Spanish university located in Madrid. UCJC was founded in 1979, with the aim of offering a quality education to all students. UCJC offers a wide variety of education programs, from basic education to higher education. UCJC also offers a wide variety of services and activities for students, such as the library, the gym, the computer center, the study room, the computer room, the language room, the music room, the cinema, the theater classroom, the dance classroom, the photography classroom, the painting classroom, the ceramics classroom, the sculpture classroom, the science classroom, the mathematics classroom, the history classroom, the geography, the literature classroom, the philosophy classroom, the art classroom, the religion classroom,

How many students are there at Camilo José Cela University?

The Camilo José Cela University is a private university in Spain, founded in 1979. Its headquarters are located in the municipality of Villanueva de la Cañada, in the province of Madrid. The university is made up of five faculties, 18 university schools and four research centers. Today, the university has an enrollment of about 9,000 students.

The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs, both nationally and internationally. Students can choose from more than 80 study programs in a wide range of disciplines. Undergraduate programs are three years long, while undergraduate and graduate programs are four years long.

The university also offers a number of exchange and study abroad programs. Students can choose to study for a year in another country, at one of Universidad Camilo José Cela's partner universities. They can also choose to study a semester in another country, in one of the universities associated with the Camilo José Cela University.

The Camilo José Cela University is located in Villafranca del Castillo, about 35 km from Madrid. It can be reached by car or by public transport. The bus that takes you to the campus is the 661, which leaves from the Chamartín station (line 1 of the Madrid metro).

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