Certificate of professionalism level 2 pest control

The level 2 pest control professional certificate is training for employment subsidized by the Government of Spain. It is an official level 2 qualification, which is equivalent to the medium-level Professional Certificate.

The objective of the level 2 pest control professional certificate is to train participants in the use of techniques and products for urban pest control, as well as teach them to act responsibly when working with pests.

The duration of the level 2 pest control professional certificate is 200 hours, divided into 100 hours of theory and 100 hours of practice. The price of the course varies depending on the center in which it is carried out, but it is usually between 500 and 1000 euros.


What is the value of a Level 2 Professional Certificate

Professional certificates are official titles that certify the training and technical and professional knowledge of workers. In order to obtain a certificate of professionalism, it is necessary to pass exams that are carried out in person at an authorized training center.

Professional certificates are divided into five levels, with level 2 being the lowest of all. Level 2 professional certificates are aimed at those workers who wish to acquire specific training to carry out a specific work activity. However, in order to pass the examination tests and obtain the certificate, it is necessary to have some prior knowledge of the subject.

At present, the level 2 professional certificate has a very high value, since it allows access to jobs in which it was previously necessary to have a university degree. In this way, more and more workers are opting for this option to improve their curriculum and access a better-paid job.

What does certificate of professionalism 2 mean?

The professional certificate is an official title that accredits the professional skills of a person in a specific activity . In Spain, the professional certificate is regulated by Ministerial Order 2/2011, of March 4, which establishes the procedure for the issuance of professional certificates .

To obtain a certificate of professionalism, you must pass a training course of a minimum duration established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. This course can be theoretical , practical or theoretical-practical . Some of these courses can be done remotely .

Professional certificates are classified into three levels :

  • Level 1 : Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP). This is an entry -level certificate , which can be earned with a minimum of 180 hours of training.
  • Level 2 : Certificate of Professionalism (CP). It is a mid-level certificate , which can be obtained with a minimum of 600 hours of training.
  • Level 3 : Certificate of Professionalism of Advanced Vocational Training (CFPGS). This is an advanced level certificate , which can be obtained with a minimum of 1,200 hours of training.

Professional certificates are issued by the Public State Employment Service (SEPE).

What is needed to work in pest control

To work in pest control you need:

  • Be willing to learn and work hard.
  • Have good physical and mental health.
  • Have a good sense of smell.
  • Be willing to work in adverse conditions, such as in extreme climates or in wet and dirty places.
  • Have good social skills to interact with customers.
  • Have good communication skills to convey important information to customers.
  • Be willing to work overtime and on weekends, if necessary.
  • Be willing to travel, if necessary.
  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • Have a good criminal record.

What validates a professional certificate?

Professional certificates are official documents that recognize the professional skills acquired by a person in the framework of their work activity or in the field of training. This recognition is carried out through a process of evaluation of professional skills, which is carried out by a certifying entity accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The purpose of professional certificates is to facilitate the access, insertion and reintegration of people into the labor market, as well as to favor their mobility within the labor market.

To obtain a certificate of professionalism, it is necessary to take a training course of the appropriate length and level for the competencies to be certified, and to pass an assessment test of said competencies.

Professional certificates are regulated by Royal Decree 1147/2011, of July 29, which establishes the general framework for professional certificates.

This professional certificate aims to train students in pest control , so that they can carry out their professional activity in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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