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How much does a Senior Technician in Travel Agencies and event management earn?

Salaries for senior technicians in travel agencies and event management depend on a number of factors, including geographic location, experience, and skills. In Spain, according to the job portal Infojobs, the average gross annual salary for this professional profile is 24,154 euros.

As for the geographical location, the best paid travel and event management agencies are in Madrid, with an average gross annual salary of 27,715 euros. They are followed by Catalonia (26,846 euros), Andalusia (25,233 euros) and the Basque Country (24,980 euros).

In terms of experience, an inexperienced senior technician can expect to earn around €20,000 gross per year. With five years or more of experience, the average gross annual salary can exceed 30,000 euros.

Finally, skills also influence salary. Senior technicians with knowledge of English and/or another language, as well as those with tourism certifications, can expect to earn above average wages.

What is a travel agency and event management?

A travel agency and event management is a company dedicated to the planning, organization and execution of trips and events. Its function is to simplify the process of planning and executing a trip or event, offering quality services and saving time and money to its clients.

Travel agencies and event management can offer a wide range of services, from booking hotels and plane tickets, to organizing meetings and business events. They can also provide advice on the destination, the culture and the activities available at the place of visit.

Some travel and event management agencies specialize in certain types of trips or events. For example, some specialize in business travel, while others specialize in leisure travel or organizing sports or music events.

What do you have to study to work in a travel agency?

To work in a travel agency, you need to study tourism or a related career. Some of the subjects studied in these careers are:

  • history of tourism
  • tourism economy
  • tourist legislation
  • Tourism business management
  • tourist market
  • Touristic destinations
  • Tourist transport
  • Tour guide

In addition to studying a degree, to work in a travel agency you also need to have computer skills, since specialized programs are used for agency management. Also, it is important to have good social skills, since it is a job in which you serve the public.

The CFGS travel and event management agency is a young and dynamic company that offers its clients a comprehensive service in the travel and event organization sector.

The agency offers its clients personalized advice for planning and carrying out their trips, as well as a wide range of services in the organization of events.

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