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The High Performance School of Madrid (EARM) is one of the best options for high performance athletes in Spain. It offers extensive sports and academic training to elite athletes of all ages. The EARM has a long history in the training of elite athletes and has a large team of specialized trainers and teachers. EARM athletes have participated in numerous national and international championships, obtaining numerous titles and achievements. The EARM is located in the Chamartín district, in Madrid, and is open to all high-performance athletes who wish to study in Spain.


When is considered a high performance athlete?

High-performance athletes are those who compete in international-level events, such as the Olympic Games, and also those who have a track record of success in sport at the national and international levels. To be considered a high-performance athlete, it is generally required that the athlete meet certain criteria, such as performing well in competitions, having a physical body fit for the sport, and having good technique.

How do you know if you are an elite athlete?

There are many ways to measure sports performance, but how do you know if you are an elite athlete? Here are some indicators that can serve as a guide:

  • Age: Elite athletes often begin to stand out at an early age. If you are a young athlete with good performance, you probably have a promising future.
  • Performance: Of course, performance is the main indicator of whether you are an elite athlete or not. If you are one of the best in your category and you are at the top of the rankings, it is very likely that you are an elite athlete.
  • Potential: Another important indicator is the potential. If you are an athlete with a lot of potential and room for improvement, it is likely that you will become an elite athlete. In fact, many elite athletes did not excel in their youth category, but managed to improve significantly in adulthood.
  • Attitude: Elite athletes usually have great motivation and great discipline. If you are an athlete who is serious about your training, you are likely to succeed in sport.
  • Dedication: Elite athletes often spend many hours training and competing. If you are an athlete who is willing to sacrifice a lot of time and effort, chances are you will become an elite athlete.

In summary, if you are a young athlete with good performance, potential and attitude, it is very likely that you will become an elite athlete.

Who can be a high-level athlete?

To be a high-level athlete you need a lot of training, dedication and talent. Not everyone can be a top level athlete, but anyone can play a sport and improve their skills from it. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to become a top level athlete. You also need to have a good team and coach to help you improve and achieve your goals.

To be a high-level athlete, you need:

  • constant training
  • Dedication
  • Talent
  • Discipline
  • Effort
  • Good team
  • good trainer

How to be a federated athlete?

To be a federated athlete, you must be registered with the Spanish Sports Federation (FED), or with that of your autonomous community. In addition, a series of requirements must be met and an admission process must be followed.

The first step is to fill out the registration application, in which you must indicate your personal information, the sport you practice and the club you belong to. Next, the required documentation must be provided, which may be different depending on the sport and the autonomous community. Finally, the registration fee must be paid, which also varies depending on the sport and the autonomous community.

Once the entire registration process has been completed, you will be assigned a federation license number, which is the document that certifies that you are a federated athlete.

Federated athletes have a series of advantages, such as accident protection, medical insurance, discounts on sports equipment, etc. In addition, they can participate in all the official competitions of their sport and qualify for the corresponding prizes.

Madrid high-performance athletes have very high cut-off marks. To enter university, they need to have an average of 7.5 in their grades. This is very difficult to achieve, but high-performance athletes do. This shows that they are very intelligent and have great potential for the sport.

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