Cp teaching vocational training for employment

Teaching vocational training for employment is a complex task that requires the intervention of a large number of educational agents. In this context, the Teachers Center (CP) is a key figure to take into account, both for its training function of Vocational Training for Employment (FP) teachers, and for the role it plays in the field of research in education.

In this sense, the CP of the University of Seville has promoted a line of research on the teaching of vocational training, which aims to study the practices and experiences of VET teachers, as well as the analysis of the difficulties posed by the teaching of this educational modality.

Within the framework of this line of research, a study has been carried out on the perception that VT teachers have of the training they have received in the CP, as well as the difficulties they encounter in their teaching work. The results obtained allow us to affirm that the training received in the CP is valued positively by the teachers, and that they consider that it has helped them to improve their teaching practices. However, they point out that the main problem they face in their work is the lack of time, both for continuous training and for student care.