Defects that can be said in an interview

The job interview is one of the most important stages in getting a job. However, you don't always get out of it with the job. Sometimes, you can say something that the interviewer doesn't like and that causes us not to be hired. Therefore, it is important to know what not to say in a job interview.

Here we leave you some of the defects that can be said in a job interview and that you should avoid at all costs if you want to get the job:


What to say when they ask you 3 defects in an interview?

In a job interview, it is very likely that you will be asked about your shortcomings. This is a way to assess if you are aware of your weaknesses and if you are willing to work on them. It is important to keep in mind that employers are not looking for someone perfect, but someone who knows how to admit their own mistakes and is willing to improve.

Here are some tips to answer this question:

  • Be honest: Don't try to hide your flaws or make them look better than they are. Employers can see through this and won't take you seriously.
  • Choose your flaws carefully: Don't choose flaws that are too glaring or deter you from the job you're applying for. Also try not to talk about flaws that you are unable or unwilling to improve.
  • Focus on the solution: Don't stay on the problem, but instead explain how you have been working to overcome it or how you plan to do so in the future. This will show that you are a person who takes his shortcomings seriously and is willing to improve.

Some examples of defects that you could mention in an interview are:

  • Being too perfectionist
  • Being very critical of yourself
  • be afraid of failure
  • being too introverted
  • being too shy
  • being overly sensitive

What to say when they ask you 3 defects and 3 virtues?

When someone asks us our three defects and three virtues, we can realize that the person is interested in our way of being. It is important to be honest and sincere so that the other person can get to know you better. Here are some examples of possible answers.


  • I am a very perfectionist person and sometimes it is difficult for me to finish things because I am not satisfied with the result.
  • I am very sensitive and criticism affects me a lot.
  • Sometimes I'm a bit messy.


  • I like to help others and I am willing to do it whenever I can.
  • I am a very creative person.
  • I am very persevering and when I set my mind to something, I get it.

What are your 3 weaknesses?

Asking myself what my 3 weaknesses are is a bit difficult, but I'm going to try to be as honest as possible.

First of all, my self-esteem is my biggest weakness. I often feel insecure and I'm not very good at accepting compliments. I have to work hard not to let my insecurities keep me from reaching my goals.

Second, I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I have a hard time finishing things because I always want them to be perfect. This can be an advantage in some aspects of my life, but sometimes it prevents me from moving forward.

And thirdly, I am very sensitive. I am very affected by the things that happen around me and sometimes I find it difficult to find happiness. I need to be around people who support me and make me feel good in order to be happy.

When looking for a job, it's important to keep in mind that the job interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. However, there are some things that should not be said in a job interview. Here are some of the things to avoid:

1. Complain about previous employment or previous bosses.

2. Criticize the company for which you are interviewing.

3. Talk about personal problems.

4. Lying about skills or experience.

5. Seem desperate.

The job interview is an opportunity to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. Avoiding these mistakes can help ensure a good impression and improve your chances of getting the job.

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