Double degree law and criminology cut-off note

The cut-off mark for the Double Degree in Law and Criminology at the Complutense University of Madrid is 7.52 points. This mark is calculated from the marks obtained in the university entrance exams. To obtain a law degree, it is necessary to pass a total of 300 credits, of which 60 correspond to the specific part of criminology. Students of this double degree can choose to work in the public or private sector, both in Spain and abroad.


Where to study Double Degree in Law and Criminology in Spain

There are different universities in Spain where you can study Double Degree in Law and Criminology. Some of these universities are:

  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Granada
  • University of Salamanca
  • University of Valencia

The Double Degree in Law and Criminology is a very complete career that trains students in the fields of law and criminology. Students learn about topics such as criminal law, criminal investigation, crime prevention, and offender intervention. They are also taught about positive criminology, which is the study of criminology from a more social and preventative perspective.

Studying Double Degree in Law and Criminology in Spain is a great option for those who want to study these two disciplines in an integral way. Spanish universities offer a quality education and students can be sure that they will receive a solid training in both disciplines.

How many years does the double degree in Law and Criminology last?

The double degree in Law and Criminology lasts four years. It is a very comprehensive study program that prepares students to practice law and, at the same time, provides them with a solid background in criminology. Students who opt for this double degree will have the opportunity to acquire a broad vision of criminal justice and the areas of criminology that interest them most.

The program is designed so that students acquire a solid theoretical and practical training in both disciplines. During the first two years, students will focus on the study of Law, while in the last two years they will focus on Criminology. By the end of the program, students will be prepared to face the professional challenges that await them in the real world.

The double degree in Law and Criminology is a great option for those students who want to study two very different disciplines. This program of studies will provide students with all the necessary tools to be successful in their professional careers.

What is the cut-off mark for Criminology?

Criminology is the science that studies crime, the victim and the offender. It focuses on the analysis of criminal behavior and criminal law. Likewise, it studies the causes and consequences of crime and proposes prevention and control measures. Criminology is a branch of sociology and psychology.

The cut-off mark to study criminology at the university is, in general, a 5 out of 10. However, this can vary depending on the university and the center in which it is studied. In some cases, you can study criminology with a grade of less than 5, but it will be necessary to pass an entrance exam.

To study criminology it is necessary to have a solid foundation in subjects such as sociology, psychology and law. Likewise, it is important to have skills for data analysis and interpretation.

Which baccalaureate to choose for Law and Criminology

There are many factors to take into account when choosing the ideal baccalaureate to study Law and Criminology. First of all, it is important to consider what type of institution offers the desired study program. Many universities offer a bachelor's degree in Law and Criminology, but not all of these institutions are created equal. Some may have better reputations than others, and this may affect students' success in their careers.

Another factor to consider is the cost of education. As Law and Criminology are relatively expensive majors, it is important to make sure that you can afford the tuition and books. Some colleges offer scholarships and financial aid, but not all colleges are the same. It's important to research financial aid options before deciding on a particular college.

Finally, it is important to consider the time and effort that you are willing to invest in the study of Law and Criminology. These careers are very demanding and require many hours of study. If you are not willing to invest the necessary time and effort, you may not achieve your desired goals. When choosing the ideal bachelor's degree for Law and Criminology, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that the right choice is being made.

The cut-off mark for the double degree in Law and Criminology at the University of Seville is 14.18 . This means that if you want to study this double degree, you need to have an average grade equal to or higher than this.

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