Higher grade cut mark marketing and advertising

The cut-off mark to study marketing and advertising in a higher degree is 7.5 out of 10 in most of the universities in Spain. This means that if you want to study this career you have to get a high average grade in Baccalaureate. However, in some universities the cut-off mark can be as high as 8.5.



What outlets does the higher degree of marketing have

The Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising is part of the family of the Medium Degree in Commerce and Marketing. It is a level 4 Vocational Training degree, which means that it is a university level degree, and that allows access to the University through the PFC route.

Some of the most demanded professional opportunities are:

  • Technician in marketing and advertising.
  • Marketing responsible.
  • Responsible for communication.
  • Community manager.
  • Web analytics technician.
  • E-commerce technician.

To access these positions it is necessary, in most cases, to have previous experience in the sector and/or to have completed a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing . Some of the main companies you can work for are:

  1. Aena
  2. Amadeus
  3. Coke
  4. FCC
  5. IBM
  6. The Caixa
  7. The real
  8. Mango
  9. McDonald's
  10. Mercadona
  11. Repsol
  12. telephone
  13. zara

What outlets does the degree in marketing and advertising have?

The degree in marketing and advertising offers students a multidisciplinary training that allows them to develop their skills in the area of ​​product and service marketing, as well as in the management of marketing communication. Students learn to develop and carry out marketing campaigns and to analyze the impact of advertising on consumer behavior. They also learn to use digital marketing tools and create content for social networks. Marketing and advertising students are also trained to work in advertising, marketing, and media agencies.

Some of the professional opportunities for graduates in marketing and advertising are:

  • Account executive at advertising agencies
  • media planner
  • Marketing campaign manager
  • market analyst
  • market researcher
  • digital marketing specialist
  • Community Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic designer

How long does the Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising last?

The Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising lasts two years, in which subjects such as communication, marketing, advertising, public relations, statistics, economics, law and ethics are studied. These teachings are completed with a final research project, which is carried out in the last year.

Some of the subjects studied in the Higher Degree of Marketing and Advertising are:

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Statistics
  • Economy
  • Law
  • Ethics

The Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising is taught in training centers authorized by the Community of Madrid.

What does higher grade cutoff mean

The upper grade cutoff grade is the minimum grade needed to be able to access a higher grade in the Spanish educational system. The selection process to access a higher degree is carried out by means of an access test that can be taken by anyone who meets the academic requirements. The cut-off grade is established in each educational center based on the number of places available and the grades of the candidates.

To establish the cut-off mark, the number of places available in the educational center and the number of candidates who have obtained a mark equal to or higher than the established minimum mark are taken into account. Based on these data, the cut-off mark is established in each educational center.

The upper grade cut-off mark may vary depending on the Autonomous Community in which the entrance test is carried out. Therefore, it is important to check the cut-off grade at the educational center where you want to study before registering for the entrance exam.

The cut-off mark to study marketing and advertising at a public university is 6.2. This means that you need at least 62 points in the selectivity to be able to study this career.

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