How many years are the psychology degree in Spain

The psychology degree lasts four years. It is divided into two stages: the first stage corresponds to the Degree studies in Psychology , and the second stage corresponds to the Master's Studies in Psychology . Degree studies in Psychology are taught at the University of Barcelona , ​​the University of Valencia and the University of Seville. Master's studies in Psychology are taught at the University of Barcelona, ​​the University of Valencia, the University of Seville and the University of Granada.


How much does the Psychology degree cost in Spain?

The Psychology degree in Spain usually costs around 12,000 euros per year. This makes the Psychology degree one of the most expensive in Spain. However, there are some scholarships and grants that can help reduce the cost of tuition and/or studies.

Some of the most common scholarships to study Psychology in Spain are scholarships from the Ministry of Education, the Junta de Andalucía or the Community of Madrid. There are also some private scholarships, such as the Mecesup Uchile-Psychology Scholarship, which offers Chilean students a grant to study Psychology in Spain.

In general, to apply for a scholarship it is necessary to meet minimum academic requirements and, in some cases, it is also necessary to demonstrate a disadvantaged economic situation.

Regarding the cost of registration, it usually ranges between 500 and 1,500 euros per year, although there may be exceptions. For example, the University of Navarra offers a tuition scholarship to students with an outstanding academic record.

In conclusion, the cost of the Psychology degree in Spain may be a factor to take into account when choosing this degree. However, there are grants and scholarships that can help make the cost of studies more affordable.

What is the salary of a psychologist

The salary of a psychologist depends on many factors, such as location, experience and specialization. In general, it can be said that the salary of a psychologist is between $30,000 and $80,000 dollars per year. However, psychologists who work in public hospitals and clinics may earn less, while psychologists who work privately or in practice may earn more.

Psychologists can also earn extra money through teaching or research. Some psychologists also charge to give lectures or write books. Therefore, the salary of a psychologist can vary considerably.

How many years do you study for the Psychology career?

The psychology degree can last between four and six years, depending on the country in which it is studied. In Spain, for example, the psychology degree lasts four years.

In most countries, a psychology major is a college-level major, and a bachelor's degree is required to practice the profession. Some countries, such as the United States, have a more flexible psychology education system, where you can earn college-level degrees in a variety of psychology-related subjects, such as clinical psychology, health psychology, psychology educational or social psychology.

After earning a psychology degree, many psychologists choose to pursue a master's or doctoral degree in psychology, which can increase the total study time to six or more years. However, it is not necessary to complete a master's or doctorate to practice as a psychologist.

What do I need to study Psychology in Spain?

To study Psychology in Spain, you need a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. A Spanish language level certificate (for example, the DELE) is also required.

Psychology students in Spain study topics such as clinical psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, social psychology and educational psychology. Some Psychology programs in Spain offer the possibility of doing a research project in the field of Psychology.

Psychology students in Spain can obtain a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which is the qualification required to practice the profession of psychologist in Spain.

Psychology students in Spain can also obtain a Master's degree in Psychology, which is necessary to access specialized training in Psychology.


The psychology degree lasts four years in Spain. Some students may choose to pursue a Master's or PhD after graduation.

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