How to see my selectivity note from years ago

With the entry into force of the Selectivity grade system, many students have been surprised by their grades. Now, with the publication of the marks, anyone can see the marks of their exams, even if many years have passed. Here we explain how you can do it.


How to view PEvAU grades

Step 1


Step 2

Click Sign in in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 3

Enter your RUT and password in the fields provided.

Step 4

Click Sign In .

step 5

Click Notes on the main menu.

step 6

Select the semester and the subject for which you want to see your grades.

step 7

Click Consult .

step 8

Your notes will appear on the screen.

How to know my Andalusia selectivity note

To know your selectivity note in Andalusia, you have to consult the student portal of the Junta de Andalucía . There you can check your grade for each subject, as well as your academic history , among other relevant information. To consult the information, you will need your file number and your date of birth .

To access the portal, you can do so through this link .

Once you have accessed the portal, you will have to enter your file number and your date of birth in the indicated fields. Below, you will be able to consult your grade for each subject, as well as your academic record, among other relevant information.

How to know the final mark of Selectivity?

The final Selectivity grade is calculated based on the grades obtained in the university entrance exams. To know what your final grade will be, you have to take into account the percentage of each of the tests:

  • Math test: 40%
  • Language and literature test: 30%
  • History test: 30%

So, for example, if you get a 10 in mathematics, an 8 in language and a 9 in history, your final grade will be 8.6.

Where can the Catalonia selectivity notes be seen?

The selectivity grades for Catalonia are published on the website of the Catalan Ministry of Education . To see them, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website of the Ministry of Education of Catalonia .
  2. Click on the "Selectivity Notes" link found in the "Information on Teaching" section.
  3. Enter the first and last name in the form that is displayed.
  4. Click on the "Query" button.

On the page shown below, the student's selectivity grades will be displayed. If the student has not passed the tests, the grades will not be displayed.

To see your selectivity note from years ago, access the student portal of the university where you studied. There you can find your academic record, where all the official documents of your university stay are found. Your selectivity note will appear in the file, as well as other relevant information from your time at the university .

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