I want to pass physics and chemistry 2 that

I want to pass physics and chemistry because I really like science. My goal is to get a 10 in the whole course.


What is given in Physics and Chemistry in 2nd ESO


  • The fundamentals of physics
  • The basics of matter
  • The structure of matter
  • The movement
  • the laws of motion
  • Energy
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • mechanical energy
  • thermal energy
  • Electricity
  • electrical circuits
  • magnetism
  • The light
  • The optics


  • the fundamentals of chemistry
  • Matter and its properties
  • The composition of matter
  • The structure of matter
  • The atoms
  • The periodic table
  • the molecules
  • The properties of matter
  • matter in the universe
  • The movement of matter
  • The energy of matter
  • the chemistry of life

When is physics and chemistry taught in ESO?

Physics and chemistry are given in ESO in compulsory secondary education. In most cases, they are given in the first and second year of ESO, but they can also be given in the third year.

In physics, the basic concepts of matter, energy, motion, electricity, magnetism, and light are studied. Atomistic models, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics are also studied.

In chemistry, atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, the structure of matter, radioactivity, chemical equilibrium, and chemical kinetics are studied.

This article is about a person who wants to pass physics and chemistry 2 that. The person says that he has difficulty studying and needs help. The person also says that they would like to meet other people who are in the same situation.

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