If I have a bachelor's degree, can I do a higher degree?

What is a higher degree?

A higher degree is an official degree of higher education that can be obtained in Spain in officially recognized public or private educational centers.

In order to access a higher grade, it is necessary to have completed compulsory secondary education and, in some cases, to have passed a specific access test (PAES).

Higher education studies have a minimum duration of 1,800 hours and a maximum duration of 4 years.

What are the main objectives of a higher degree?

The main objectives of a higher degree are:

- Provide students with the necessary skills for the development of specific professional activities.

- Promote access to specialized and quality training necessary for the exercise of professional activity.

- Prepare students for access to university education.


How to access a higher grade with Baccalaureate?

To access a higher grade with a Baccalaureate, it is necessary to take and pass a series of Baccalaureate subjects. Some of these subjects may be:

  • Language and literature
  • Math
  • Physical
  • Chemistry
  • biology

To pass these subjects, it is necessary to study regularly and attend class. In addition, it is recommended to take practice tests and consult with teachers and tutors. At the end of the Baccalaureate, a university entrance exam must be taken, which consists of a written test and/or an interview.

What is more a higher degree or Baccalaureate?

Higher education or high school, which is better? This is a question that many students ask themselves, but the answer is not that simple. It depends on various factors such as your academic and professional objectives, your skills and aptitudes, the time you are willing to invest in your studies, among others.

If what you are looking for is to obtain a university degree, the higher degree is the ideal option. With this degree you can directly access the university, saving a year of studies. However, if what you want is to expand your knowledge and skills, the baccalaureate may be the best option. It also offers you the possibility of studying abroad for a year.

In terms of subjects, the higher grade focuses on the key subjects for the student's professional training, while the baccalaureate offers more general training. Thus, the baccalaureate will allow you to obtain a solid foundation in various subjects, while the higher degree will provide you with more specialized training.

In summary, depending on your goals and your preferences, you will be able to decide if the higher degree or the baccalaureate is the best for you. The important thing is that you choose the option that best suits your needs and that allows you to achieve your academic and professional goals.

What can I study with the baccalaureate degree?

The baccalaureate is a stage of compulsory education that takes place after primary education and before university. Some countries consider it part of secondary education, while others consider it a separate stage. In Spain, the baccalaureate consists of two courses and can be taken from the age of 16. At the end of the baccalaureate, the baccalaureate degree is obtained.

The baccalaureate offers a broad and general training that allows students to acquire a solid foundation of knowledge in various subjects. Likewise, the baccalaureate prepares them for access to the university, since it allows them to study undergraduate or graduate studies at the university of their choice.

In Spain, the baccalaureate is divided into two modalities: general baccalaureate and art baccalaureate. The general baccalaureate modality is oriented towards more technical training and is divided into four itineraries: health sciences, social and legal sciences, sciences and technology, and humanities and education sciences. The art baccalaureate modality is oriented towards a more artistic training and is divided into three itineraries: plastic arts and design, music and dance, and theater and cinema.

Upon completion of the baccalaureate, students can choose to pursue undergraduate studies at the university of their choice. Undergraduate studies usually last three years and upon completion, students obtain the Bachelor's degree. Students can also choose to pursue Master's studies at the university of their choice. Master's studies usually last one year and upon completion, students obtain the Master's degree.

How many subjects can you have in a higher grade?

In higher grade, according to the Bologna Plan, it is established that the maximum number of subjects that can be taken is 60 ECTS. However, at present, there are many centers that offer the possibility of studying more than 60 ECTS, although this is not officially regulated.

In any case, the number of subjects that can be taken at a higher level will depend on the degree being studied. There are degrees in which more than 60 ECTS can be taken, such as engineering, and others in which no more than 60 ECTS can be taken, such as bachelor's degrees.

If you want to take more than 60 ECTS, you must complete a specific procedure at the center and justify the reason you want to take more than 60 ECTS.

In general, it is recommended not to take more than 60 ECTS credits, as it may involve unnecessary overexertion and may negatively affect academic performance.

The article deals with whether or not you can do a higher degree with a baccalaureate. The conclusion is that you can do a higher degree with a baccalaureate, but that not all baccalaureates are the same. Some high school degrees are better than others, and some are harder to get.

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