Jobs in a tourist office

In a tourist office, there are a variety of jobs available. These job titles may include travel agents, office assistants, event coordinators, and customer service representatives. Each job in a tourist office has its own responsibilities and tasks.


What jobs are there in tourism?

Jobs in tourism are very varied and range from customer service to management and administration tasks. Some of the most common jobs in the tourism sector are:

  • Receptionist: is the person who is in charge of serving the client at the hotel or at the reception of a tourist company. Their job is to meet the customer's requests, provide information about the destination and the tourist services available, reserve rooms and check-in and check-out.
  • Cashier: is the person in charge of keeping the accounts of a tourist company. His job is to keep track of the company's income and expenses, as well as payments to suppliers and employees.
  • Tourist guide: is the person who accompanies tourists on their visit to a city, a monument or a country. Their job is to show tourists the places of interest, give information about the history, culture and geography of the place, as well as organize tours and transfers.
  • Sales manager: is the person in charge of coordinating the sales activities of a tourism company. His job is to plan and execute sales strategies, set sales targets, recruit and train sales people, and track sales.
  • Waiter: is the person who is in charge of serving the customer in a restaurant. His job is to take the orders, serve the dishes, collect the bills and attend to customer requests.

What are people who work in tourism called?

People who work in tourism are called tour guides . His job is to accompany tourists and show them the places of interest in the area. They can also work in travel agencies, hotels or other tourist establishments. Some tour guides are specialists in certain types of tourism, such as rural tourism, cultural tourism or adventure tourism.

To become a tour guide, it is necessary to complete specific training and pass an exam. In some countries, a university degree in Tourism or a B2 level certification in English is also required. Tour guides must be in possession of the professional card, which is the document that accredits their quality as a tour guide.

What do you have to do to work in a tourist office?

To work in a tourist office, you need:

  • Have a good level of English
  • Have computer skills
  • Be willing to work rotating shifts
  • Have a good level of attention to detail
  • Have a good level of customer service

What services does a tourist office offer?

  • General information about the destination.
  • Accommodation information.
  • Information about restaurants.
  • Information about activities.
  • Transportation information.
  • Information about special events.
  • Sale of tickets for events.
  • Sale of maps and tourist guides.

The tourist office is a very popular place for tourists, so it is necessary to have a good number of employees. The most common job titles are receptionist, tour guide, and office assistant.

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