Occupational risk prevention course for construction

In Spain, according to the latest report from the European Commission, the construction sector is one of the most dangerous in terms of accidents at work.

For this reason, the objective of this free online course is to train workers and businessmen in the construction sector in occupational risk prevention.

The course is divided into eight modules, and each of them will deal with a specific topic:

Module 1: Introduction to occupational risk prevention.

Module 2: Hazard identification and risk assessment.

Module 3: Controls and prevention measures.

Module 4: Occupational health and safety management.

Module 5: The emergency plan.

Module 6: Safety at work with machinery.

Module 7: Safety at work with hand tools.

Module 8: Prevention of falls from heights.

At the end of the course, the student will obtain an accrediting certificate.


How much does the PRL course cost?

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How much does the 20-hour construction course cost?

Construction courses are a great investment, but how much do they cost exactly?

The cost of a 20-hour construction course can vary depending on the instructor, location, and level of the course. However, in general, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for the course.

Entry-level construction courses usually cost less, while advanced courses can cost a little more. Some courses even offer free building materials or discounts on the price of the course.

To get a more accurate idea of ​​how much the course will cost, you can contact the instructors or construction schools in your area. You can also search online to find construction courses in your area.

What do you have to study to be occupational risk prevention?

Occupational risk prevention is the set of activities aimed at minimizing or eliminating occupational risks to which workers are exposed in the performance of their activity.

To be occupational risk prevention requires:

  • University level studies in related careers, such as Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering, Occupational Medicine, Occupational Psychology, Social Work, among others.
  • Specialize in occupational risk prevention, through courses, seminars and/or training workshops.
  • Have knowledge of labor legislation and safety and health at work.
  • Know the principles and techniques of occupational risk prevention .
  • Be familiar with the use of work tools and equipment, as well as the risks involved in their incorrect use.
  • Identify and evaluate occupational hazards to which workers are exposed.
  • Have the skills to communicate effectively with workers and persuade them of the importance of occupational risk prevention in the performance of their activity.
  • Be constantly updated on the advances in occupational risk prevention .

What is the PRL under construction

The PRL in construction is a tool that is used for the management of safety and health in the construction sector. It is based on the identification of the dangers and risks to which workers are exposed, as well as their evaluation and the establishment of adequate control measures. The PRL under construction is also in charge of the training and training of workers in health and safety matters, as well as the control and monitoring of working conditions.

The PRL under construction was established by the Occupational Safety and Health Law of 1996 (Law 31/1995, of November 8), which establishes the obligation of employers to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the safety and health of Workers. In the construction sector, the PRL under construction is developed through the General Ordinance on Safety and Health at Work in Construction (Royal Legislative Decree 2/2008, of June 20), which establishes a series of obligations for employers, such as the preparation of a Health and Safety Plan, the appointment of a Health and Safety Manager, the training and training of workers, the control of equipment and facilities, etc.

The occupational risk prevention course for construction is a very useful tool for all construction workers. In the course you learn many techniques and methods to avoid accidents and injuries at work. The course also teaches workers to be more aware of workplace hazards and how to prevent them.

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