Physical description of a person in French examples

It can be useful to know how to physically describe a person in French, whether you are planning a trip to France or have to describe someone for a school assignment. Below are some examples of how to do it.


How to write a physical description in French?

The easiest way to describe someone physically in French is to use the structure: subject + verb + adjective + noun.

For example:

  • Elle est grande et mince.
  • Il est petit et gros.
  • Elle a les cheveux longs et noirs.
  • Il a les cheveux courts et blonds.

Another way to describe someone physically in French is to use the structure: sujet + avoir + un/une + adjective + noun.

For example:

  • Elle a les yeux verts.
  • Il a les yeux bleus.
  • Elle a les cheveux bouclés.
  • Il a les cheveux lisses.

How to describe a person in French example?

Pour décrire une personne en français, on peut utiliser les termes suivants :

  • physique : grand/e, petit/e, mince, gros/se, musclé/e, baraqué/e, beau/belle, mignon/ne, laideur
  • personnalité : timide, courageux/se, émotif/ve, calme, dynamique, colérique, patient/e, énergique, paresseux/se
  • intellect : intelligent/e, vif/ve, lent/e, sérieux/se, drôle

On peut aussi décrire quelqu'un en utilisant des adjectifs tells that:

  • gentle
  • méchant/e
  • sincere
  • honest
  • généreux/se
  • selfish
  • courageux/se
  • lache
  • politesse
  • rude
  • discreet/e
  • bavard/e
  • travailleur/euse
  • paresseux/se
  • diligent

How to describe a person physically examples?

When describing a person physically we can take many aspects into account. The most important thing is to look at what most attracts her attention, since in this way it will be easier to remember. Here are some examples of how you could physically describe a person:

  • Tall: measures more than normal.
  • Short: measures less than normal.
  • Thin: have a small amount of body fat.
  • Overweight: have excess body fat.
  • Athletic: You are muscular and have a healthy appearance.
  • Skinny: has little muscle mass.
  • Strong: has a lot of muscle mass.
  • Pretty: it is pleasing to the eye.
  • Ugly: not pretty to look at.
  • Moreno/a: has dark skin.
  • Blonde: has blonde hair.
  • Redhead: Has red hair.
  • Smooth: have straight hair.
  • Curly: You have curly hair.
  • Curly: has very curly hair.
  • Long: He has long hair.
  • Short: have short hair.
  • Grey-haired: has gray hair.
  • Mustache: He has a mustache.
  • Beard: He has a beard.
  • Sideburns: It has sideburns.
  • Big Eyes: His eyes are big compared to the rest of his face.
  • Small Eyes: His eyes are small compared to the rest of his face.
  • Almond eyes: they are almond shaped.

How to describe myself in French?

Alright, let's get started. Je m'appelle...

Je suis...

  • a student
  • an artist
  • a sportive


  • the music
  • le sport
  • the cinema

Je suis...

  • Intelligent
  • drole
  • series

To describe a person's physical appearance in French, a variety of adjectives can be used. Some of the most common include grand (big), petit (small), mince (thin), gros (fat), blond (blonde), brun (dark), and roux (redhead). Adjectives can also be used to describe the shape of a person's face, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth. For example, a person might have les yeux bleus (blue eyes), a nez pointu (pointy nose), and les dents blanches (white teeth).

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