Requirements to work as a school canteen monitor

To work as a school canteen monitor, you must be of legal age and have previous experience in the hospitality sector . Likewise, the candidate must prove a minimum level of training of Baccalaureate and have specific training in food safety and first aid . Other requirements to take into account are time availability and a sociable and responsible character .

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What does it take to be a school canteen monitor?

To be a school canteen monitor, you need to have a lot of patience and be very organized. It is also important to have good social skills to be able to interact with children. You need to be responsible and have a good sense of discipline. School canteen monitors need to be able to deal with behavior problems and have good communication skills. It is also important to have good organizational skills in order to keep the dining room in order. School canteen monitors need to have a good attitude and be flexible, as children can be very unpredictable.

How much does a school canteen monitor earn?

In Spain, the salaries of school canteen monitors range between 1,000 and 1,500 euros gross per month. This figure may vary based on experience, age and workplace. For example, in Madrid salaries are a little higher than in the rest of the country.

To convert this figure into net salary, it must be taken into account that school canteen monitors are entitled to a series of tax discounts (for example, the maternity or paternity discount). Thus, in Spain, the average net salary of a school canteen monitor is around 1,000 euros per month.


How many hours does a dining room monitor work?

A dining room monitor works on a morning or afternoon schedule, Monday through Friday. In general, the working hours are 6 to 8 hours a day, although it may vary depending on the working hours of the company in which you work.

The canteen monitor is in charge of supervising the proper functioning of the school canteen, as well as ensuring the hygiene and safety of the children. In addition, you must coordinate the cleaning and maintenance service of the dining room. In some cases, she is also in charge of preparing and serving food to the children.

To do this, he has the help of a team of cooks and a cleaner. Sometimes, he also has the collaboration of a dining room assistant, who helps him carry out his tasks.

How much does a morning classroom monitor earn?

Morning classroom monitors earn a base salary of $1,000 per month. Plus, they get a $200 bonus for every group of 10 kids they help get ready for the day. Monitors can also earn up to $500 per month in commissions, depending on the number of children they serve. Morning classroom monitors can also get benefits, such as medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, and a retirement plan.

To work as a school canteen monitor, it is required to have the appropriate training and a current certification . In addition, it is necessary to have availability of time and a taste for working with children . Requirements vary by workplace, but prior experience working with children is generally required.

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