Senior technician in 3d animation games and interactive environments

The Higher Technician in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments is a professional trained to carry out animation projects in three dimensions, as well as the creation and programming of games and interactive environments.

This technician will develop their skills in the field of lighting, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering, and post-production of 3D images and videos. Likewise, he will be trained in the programming of video games, applications and interactive environments using current technologies.


What is 3D animation career?

The 3D animation career is a university-level career that is dedicated to teaching animation in three dimensions. In this career, students learn to use animation software to create 3D characters, objects, and environments. They also learn to animate these elements to create realistic or imaginative motion sequences.

3D animation students generally start with a solid foundation in drawing and painting, and are then introduced to the use of 3D animation software. They learn to model objects and characters in 3D, apply textures and materials, light and render images, and animate objects and characters. They also learn to create special effects and work as a team in an animation production environment.

Some of the most popular 3D animation programs include Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4D. There are many other 3D animation programs available, and 3D animation students must have the ability to learn and use several of them.

The 3D animation degree can last between three and five years, depending on the study program and the level of study. Some 3D animation programs offer certificates or associate's degrees, while others award bachelor's or graduate degrees.

3D animation students can find work in a variety of fields, including video game animation, film, television, commercials, visual effects, and education. Many 3D animators become game designers, visual effects artists, or animation producers.

What to study after 3D animation?

After studying 3D animation, there are many career options to pursue. Some 3D animators may choose to become video game artists, while others may work on film or television. Others may even choose to teach 3D animation to other students. No matter what you decide to do after studying 3D animation, you will surely find a way to use your skills to create something amazing.

Some of the things you can do after studying 3D animation are:

  • work on video games
  • Work in movies or TV
  • Teaching 3D animation to other students
  • Create your own animation studio

No matter what you decide to do after studying 3D animation, you will surely find a way to use your skills to create something amazing.

What does a 3D animation technician do?

A 3D animation technician is responsible for creating 3D content using specialized software. This may include the creation of characters, objects, landscapes, and settings. They can also animate these elements and create visual effects. In some cases, they may also work in post-production for movies and TV shows, adding 3D content to existing footage.

To become a 3D animation technician, specialized training in the field is required. Many universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs in 3D animation. There are also numerous online and face-to-face courses that can help aspiring 3D animation technicians improve their skills.

How much does a 3D animator earn in Spain?

3D animators in Spain earn an average of €1,600 per month, although the salary may vary depending on experience, the company and the type of project being worked on. In general, it can be said that 3D animators in Spain have a good standard of living, and that work in this sector is well paid.

Most 3D animators work for animation companies or post-production studios, although there are also some who work freelance. Younger 3D animators often start out as assistants or helpers, working their way up the ranks over time to become senior animators or department heads.

To be a 3D animator it is necessary to have specific training in 3D animation, since it is a highly technical job. There are numerous courses and college degrees in 3D animation, and many 3D animators also have a background in art or graphic design.

In Spain there are numerous animation and post-production studios, and the work of 3D animators is in high demand. For this reason, the salary of 3D animators in Spain is relatively high, and it can be said that work in this sector is well paid.

Gaming is a booming industry that offers many job opportunities. The Higher Technician in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments is a professional figure qualified to work in this industry. This Vocational Training title offers complete training in 3D modeling, animation and rendering techniques, as well as in the development of video games and interactive environments. Students will learn to use the most advanced tools in the industry and develop their creative skills to create high-quality content. At the end of the course, students may choose to work in the video game, animation or eCommerce sector.

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