Senior technician in catering services management

Restaurants are one of the major service industries around the world.

According to the ILO report on employment in the services sector, the catering and lodging sector represents 10.4% of all jobs in the world.

In Spain, the restaurant sector represents 4.5% of GDP and 11.6% of total jobs, according to the report by the SpainFoodService Restaurant Observatory.

Restaurants require efficient and effective management in order to offer good service to their customers.

For this reason, the senior technician in restaurant services management is qualified to carry out all the tasks related to the management of a restaurant.

From planning menus and buying food, to managing employees and customer service.

The senior technician in catering services management has a global vision of catering and is capable of adapting to the needs of each business.


What is Directorate of Restoration Services

The Restaurant Services Department (DSR) is a business unit dedicated to providing restaurant and catering services. It is a company specialized in the management of this type of service, which has extensive experience in the sector and a great capacity to adapt to the needs of each client.

The DSR offers a complete restaurant service, from the design of the menus to the execution of the same, through the selection of suppliers and the management of purchases. Likewise, it is in charge of the management of the equipment and the training of the personnel, as well as the organization of special events.

The DSR is characterized by the quality of its services, the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client and the excellent value for money.

What is Senior Management Assistance Technician?

The Higher Technician in Management Assistance is a key figure in the proper functioning of a company. He is in charge of coordinating and supervising the work of the different departments of the company, as well as carrying out advisory and consulting tasks for the company's senior management.

To carry out this position, extensive training is required in both the technical and humanistic fields. It is essential to have a good command of computer tools and communication and marketing techniques, as well as a great capacity for analysis and synthesis.

The Senior Technician in Management Assistance must be a person capable of working under pressure, adapting to changes and making quick and accurate decisions.

The senior technician in restaurant services management is a professional who is in charge of managing and coordinating restaurant services. His main objective is to offer a quality service to the client, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the establishments and the satisfaction of their needs. For this, he must have extensive training in areas such as team management, food hygiene and safety, production and service management, sales management and administration.

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