Senior technician in forestry and natural environment management outputs

Graduates in Forestry and Natural Environment Management will be trained to perform a wide variety of functions and tasks in companies and public administrations related to the forestry sector. The field of action is very broad, and covers both the management of natural resources and the protection of the environment, as well as the administration of forests and the use of wood.


How much does a forester earn?

Salaries for foresters vary greatly depending on geographic area, experience, and education. In general, a forester can earn between $30,000 and $60,000 per year.

Foresters work in a variety of settings, from national forests to tree plantations. Their job is to help conserve and protect forest resources. Many of them work in research tasks, while others are dedicated to forest management planning and supervision of work teams.

A high school dress-up diploma is required to become a forester. Many of the foresters also have an associate's or bachelor's degree in environmental science, biology, or forestry.

What does a forest management technician do?

A forest management technician is in charge of planning, coordinating and executing tasks related to the maintenance and improvement of forest resources. Its main function is to guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as the protection of the environment.

For this, the forest management technician must have extensive knowledge of ecology and forestry, as well as the techniques and tools necessary for the management of forest resources. In addition, he must be familiar with current legislation on environmental protection and the use of natural resources.

The forest management technician usually works closely with the technical and administrative staff of the municipalities, as well as with other agents involved in the management of natural resources, such as forestry agents.

What is a Senior Forest Technician?

A Senior Forest Technician is a professional whose main functions are the management, conservation and improvement of forest resources. These professionals work in the forestry sector, both nationally and internationally.

To be a Senior Forest Technician, a university degree in forestry engineering or forestry sciences is required. Work experience in the forestry sector is also required.

The Senior Forest Technicians have as their main functions the planning, management and supervision of forest resources. They are also in charge of scientific research in the forestry area, as well as the education and training of workers in the sector.

Currently, Senior Forest Technicians have a very important role in the fight against climate change, since they are responsible for the sustainable management of forest resources. Likewise, they also contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of local communities.

What is the job of a forest foreman

The forest foreman is a person who is in charge of the management and maintenance of a forest. He is in charge of supervising the work of forest operators, planning the work to be done and ensuring the correct use of tools and machinery. Likewise, the forest foreman must have a good knowledge of the terrain and the vegetation, in order to be able to assess the state of the forest and take the appropriate measures.

Other functions of the forest foreman is to coordinate the planting, felling and pruning of trees, as well as the control of pests and diseases. It is also in charge of carrying out forest inventories and managing harvesting permits.

In order to practice this profession, it is necessary to have a middle or higher university degree in forestry management or forestry engineering. It is also important to have a good level of fitness, as the job of a forest foreman requires some physical stamina, as it is usually done in natural settings and often involves walking long distances.

The senior technician in forestry and natural environment management has a wide variety of professional opportunities. He can work in the public sector, in private companies or even as a freelancer. He may also choose to work in the field of research or teaching.

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