Subjects of the second year of the social sciences baccalaureate

According to Royal Decree 686/2010, of May 28, which establishes the basic curriculum of Compulsory Secondary Education, in the second year of Baccalaureate, students will study four compulsory subjects:

- Spanish language and literature. It will continue to focus on the reading and analysis of literary texts, and the characteristics of Spanish literature from the 19th century to the present will also be studied.

- Foreign language. The study of a second language will be encouraged, be it English, French or German, with classes in oral and written expression, pronunciation and grammar.

- Education for citizenship. In this subject, students will be taught to live in society, to be critical and to make decisions responsibly. Topics such as equality, democracy or the environment will be studied.

- Technology of the information and communication. Students will learn to use the new information and communication technologies efficiently and safely. The responsible use of the Internet and social networks will be encouraged.


What subjects are there in 2 baccalaureate of Social Sciences?

In the second year of the Baccalaureate in Social Sciences, the following subjects must be taken:

  • History of Spain
  • History of the contemporary world
  • Geography and History of Europe
  • history of america
  • Economy
  • Fundamentals of Sociology
  • Fundamentals of Anthropology
  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Philosophy

What are the subjects of the Baccalaureate of Social Sciences?

The Baccalaureate of Social Sciences is made up of the following subjects:

  • History: The most relevant events of humanity throughout history are studied, as well as the causes that originated them and their consequences.
  • Geography: The planet we live on is studied, its characteristics, climate, relief, vegetation, fauna, population, natural resources, etc.
  • Economy: The basic principles of the economy are studied, such as supply and demand, the market, production, consumption, etc.
  • Sociology: The basic principles of sociology are studied, such as social structure, culture, religion, social groups, etc.
  • Philosophy: The basic principles of philosophy are studied, such as metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, ethics, etc.
  • Psychology: The basic principles of psychology are studied, such as perception, memory, thought, intelligence, etc.
  • Political Science: The basic principles of political science are studied, such as the State, government, democracy, law, etc.

What subjects are compulsory in 2 baccalaureate?

  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Geography
  • social Sciences
  • natural Sciences
  • Physical
  • Chemistry
  • biological

What are the subjects of Social Sciences?

Social Science subjects focus on the study of society and human beings, and cover a wide variety of topics. They can be divided into three large blocks:

  • Sociology: studies social relationships, social structure, and human behavior.
  • Economics: studies how resources are produced, distributed and consumed in a society.
  • Anthropology: studies human culture, history and the evolution of human beings.

Other Social Science subjects include psychology, political science, communication and education.

The second year of the Baccalaureate in Social Sciences consists of three compulsory subjects: History of Spain, Geography and History of the Contemporary World, and an optional subject to choose between Philosophy and Economics.

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