Technical guide in the natural environment and free time

The main objective of the training of guide technicians in the natural environment and free time is to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the professional practice of mountain guiding and other recreational-recreational activities in the natural environment. .

Throughout the degree, the student will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to exercise this profession with guarantees. It is a complete training in which important aspects such as meteorology, botany, zoology, geology, history, legislation, orientation, safety, first aid, food or the didactics of physical activity and sport .

Once the student has finished his studies, he will be able to work as a mountain guide, leisure monitor, educator in the natural environment, sociocultural animator, environmental education technician or in any other profession related to leisure and tourism .


What can I study after Teco?

After studying Business Techniques, you can study for a Bachelor's degree in International Business or a technical career in the area of ​​business. As a Business Techniques student, in addition to studying business subjects, you will also study accounting, marketing, and business management subjects. This will give you a solid foundation for the study of a bachelor's degree in International Trade or a technical career in the area of ​​commerce.

Some of the subjects studied in a bachelor's degree in International Trade are:

  • Trading Fundamentals
  • International economy
  • international finances
  • International negotiation
  • International operations management
  • International right
  • International logistics

Some of the subjects studied in a technical career in the area of ​​commerce are:

  • Trading Fundamentals
  • electronic commerce
  • Inventory management
  • Operation management
  • Projects management
  • Marketing
  • Finance

What is the name of the Teco?

The Teco is a bird of the Trogloditidae family , which inhabits the tropical regions of Central and South America. It is also known as Troglodyta or Troglodytes . The name "Teco" comes from the Nahuatl tecotl , which means "bird" .

The Teco is a small bird, about 15 cm in length, with dark plumage and a crest on its head. It is a terrestrial bird, which stays hidden among the vegetation and only comes out to look for food at dusk or dawn. It feeds on insects, worms and larvae. It also eats fruits and seeds.

The Teco is a solitary and territorial bird. Each female builds her own nest of hers in a sheltered location, such as a hole in a tree, cave, or rock. The nest is a cup -shaped structure of twigs and leaves , in which the female lays 2-3 eggs . The eggs are white with dark spots . The female incubates the eggs for 2-3 weeks , and then the chicks take flight at 4-5 weeks .

The life expectancy of a Teco is about 10 years .

How many years are the intermediate grade training cycles?

Intermediate training cycles last two years. At the end of the first year, students obtain the title of Technician in Basic Vocational Training. If they complete the second year, they receive the title of Vocational Training Technician.

Students enrolled in intermediate training cycles may choose to take a third year of training, in which they obtain the title of Higher Technician in Vocational Training. This option is available to those students who meet the requirements established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

What do the acronyms of tafad mean?

Tafad is an acronym that stands for "Female Affective Disorder and Depression." It is a mental disorder characterized by a decreased mood and a loss of interest or pleasure in previously rewarding activities. People with tafad may experience sudden and unpredictable mood swings, anxiety, irritability, disturbed sleep, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, and loss of appetite. Tafad can negatively affect daily life and the ability to perform activities of daily living. If left untreated, tafad can last for months or even years. If you or someone you know is experiencing tafad symptoms, see a doctor or psychologist for treatment.

Natural environment and free time guide technicians are a key figure in the conservation and promotion of sustainable tourism.

They have a training and educational function, as well as research and dissemination, and work in the field of environmental education and sustainable tourism.

To do this, they must know the territory in which they work, as well as its history, geography, flora and fauna. They must also be familiar with orienteering techniques and safety regulations.

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