The title of that is an official academic title

An official academic title is the official title awarded to a person who has completed a study program at an institution of higher education, and which has been recognized by the state or institution that awarded it. In many countries, the degree is required to practice certain professions, such as medicine, teaching, and law. In other countries, the title is not necessary, but it can be useful to obtain a job or a promotion in the workplace.


What academic degree is ESO?

ESO is the equivalent of compulsory secondary education in Spain. It is an official academic degree that is obtained at the end of ESO, and that gives access to higher education, such as the Baccalaureate or Vocational Training.

To obtain ESO, students must pass a final exam, which is divided into two parts: a general test and a specific test for each subject. In the general test, students must demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the contents of the main ESO subjects, such as language and literature, mathematics, social and natural sciences. In the specific test, on the other hand, students must demonstrate their mastery of a particular subject, such as history, geography, or physics.

Some students may choose to take a university entrance test (PAU) instead of ESO. The PAU is a more demanding exam than the ESO, and allows students to directly access the university, without having to take the Baccalaureate. However, in order to take the PAU, students must have obtained a minimum grade in ESO.

What are the official academic titles?

In Spain, the university system is regulated by Organic Law 4/2007, of April 12, on Universities, which establishes a common framework for official Bachelor's , Master's and Doctorate degrees .

Graduate degrees , such as Bachelor , Engineer or Architect , are obtained after completing a study plan of 180 ECTS credits , spread over 6 semesters .

On the other hand, the University Master's degrees require 60 ECTS credits and will be taken in 2 semesters . They can be accessed after passing a Degree or an Official Master's Degree .

To qualify for the Doctorate degree , students must pass a study program of 360 ECTS credits , spread over 12 semesters . It can be accessed after passing a Master's Degree or an Official Master's Degree .

Currently, the Spanish university system is in the process of adapting to European regulations , with the aim of facilitating the mobility of students and professionals . This process materializes in Order ECD/37/2007, of January 23 , which establishes the Common Framework for Undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral Degrees in the European Union .

What titles are equivalent to ESO?

ESO is equivalent to compulsory secondary education in Spain. Some titles that you can obtain at the end of ESO are:

  • Graduate Certificate in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO)
  • Baccalaureate degree
  • Certificate of Professionalism

What is considered an official title

An official degree is a degree awarded by a recognized organization or institution. Official titles can be of various types, including academic, professional, or other titles. Official degrees may be required for work in certain industries or to obtain a professional license. They may also be required for admission to certain study programs or to participate in official competitions. Official titles are usually backed by a body of rules and regulations, and may be awarded by a government body or a private institution.

Official titles can be of various types, including:

  • Academic degrees: These degrees are awarded by institutions of higher education and can be at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level.
  • Professional degrees: These degrees are awarded by professional organizations and may be required for work in certain industries. For example, to work as a lawyer or doctor, you need an official title of the profession.
  • Other types of titles: These titles may be granted by non-governmental organizations or other institutions and may be required for certain activities. For example, to compete in an official sporting event, you may need a National Football League title.

It is an official academic title that is granted by the University of Buenos Aires to those students who have completed and approved all the requirements of the study plan of the Law degree. This title is the only one that qualifies for the exercise of the legal profession in Argentina.

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