What are the duties of a management secretary?

The management secretary is a key figure within any organization. Its main function is to coordinate and supervise the work of the management, ensuring that the objectives set are met. To do this, she must have great organizational and management skills, as well as a good level of computing and communication.

Among its main functions we can highlight the following:

  • Management of the management agenda.
  • Coordination of management meetings.
  • Preparation of reports and documentation.
  • Correspondence management.
  • Attention to the telephone and to the personnel that comes to the office.

What does a management secretary do?

A director's secretary performs a wide variety of clerical and administrative tasks to support a director or manager of an organization. These tasks may include keeping track of phone calls, scheduling meetings and maintaining a busy schedule, writing correspondence and documents, and organizing and maintaining files. Executive secretaries may also be responsible for coordinating the work of other office employees, which means they must be adept at handling communication and multitasking. In some cases, executive secretaries may also have to act as hostesses for clients and visitors to the organization, which requires a professional presentation and friendly demeanor.

Executive secretaries must have a broad knowledge base in a variety of areas in order to successfully carry out their work. They must be proficient in the use of information and communication technology, as these tools are essential for most office tasks. They must also have good writing skills, as many of their tasks require the composition of documents and correspondence. Executive secretaries must also have a good sense of organization and the ability to coordinate the work of multiple people, which requires strong interpersonal skills. In general, executive secretaries must be highly organized individuals, capable of multitasking, and able to work efficiently under pressure.

What are the activities carried out by a secretary?

To answer this question, we must first understand what a secretary is. A secretary is a person who is in charge of organizing and coordinating information within a company or institution. The secretary is responsible for carrying out a series of administrative tasks, which allow the company to function efficiently. Some of the tasks that a secretary performs are:

  • Correspondence management
  • Organization of meetings and events
  • Maintain the company's calendar
  • File and document management
  • Coordination of company activities

What does it take to be a management secretary?

To be a management secretary, it is necessary, above all, to have a good level of general knowledge . It is important to be up to date on current affairs and have a good vocabulary. Likewise, it is essential to have good spelling and good writing .

Other qualities necessary to be a management secretary are:

  • Being organized : It is important to have things well organized to be able to deal with all the tasks that have to be done.
  • Be punctual : It is essential to be punctual in order to meet all commitments.
  • Have initiative : It is important to have initiative to be able to solve problems efficiently.
  • Have good interpersonal relationships : It is important to have good interpersonal relationships in order to get along with all co-workers.
  • Be proactive : It is important to be proactive in order to anticipate the needs of others.

The management secretary is a key figure in any company or institution. Its main function is to facilitate the proper functioning of the organization through the coordination of the agenda, the management of correspondence and the archive, among other tasks.

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