What are those who study the planets called?

Astronomers are the scientists who study the planets, stars, star clusters, galaxies, the universe and its physical laws. The word astronomer comes from the ancient Greek ἄστρον, astron, "star", and -νόμος, -nomos, "law", "rule", "theory".


What is the name of the career that studies the universe?

The career that studies the universe is called astronomy. Astronomy is the science that is in charge of the study of the universe, including its objects (stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc), the physics of the matter and energy that compose them, and the origin, development and end of the universe.

Astronomy is an ancient science, and references to it can be found in texts from ancient Babylon, China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. For a long time, astronomy was considered more of an art form and philosophy than a science, and it was not until the 16th century that systematic observations and experiments began to be made that allowed the formation of a true body of scientific knowledge.

At present, astronomy is a very advanced science that has greatly benefited from the development of technology. Optical and radio telescopes, artificial satellites, and large orbiting telescopes have allowed astronomers to make amazing discoveries about the universe and how it works.

Astronomy is a highly interdisciplinary science, and astronomers use techniques and insights from a wide variety of fields, from physics and chemistry to computer science and engineering.

How many years does the astronomy degree last?

The astronomy degree can last from four to six years, depending on the educational institution and the country in which it is studied. In general, four years of study are required to earn a bachelor's degree in astronomy, although some bachelor's programs can take up to six years. Astronomy students may also choose to pursue a master's or doctorate in astronomy after completing a bachelor's degree.

The astronomy degree usually begins with courses in mathematics and physics, since these are the main disciplines used in astronomy. Students can also take courses in chemistry, biology, and computer science, among others. Astronomy students can also choose to take courses in astrophysics, cosmology, and astrobiology, among others. Some astronomy degree programs may also offer the opportunity to take teaching astronomy courses.

After completing a bachelor's degree in astronomy, students may choose to work as astronomy researchers or professors at a university or research center. They may also choose to work as an engineer or technician in an astronomy-related company, such as a telecommunications company or space agency. Some astronomers also work as independent consultants or work in software and hardware development for the astronomy industry.

Planetologists are scientists who study the planets. They investigate the composition, structure, motion, and climate of the planets, as well as other bodies in the solar system, such as comets and asteroids. They also study the origin and evolution of the planets.

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