What careers can be studied in the Spanish army

For a few years now, the Spanish Army has been promoting quality military training . That is, the training of its military is not only limited to the acquisition of military knowledge and techniques , but is also focused on the intellectual and professional training of its members.

In this sense, the Spanish Army offers the possibility of studying university degrees to all those who wish to join its ranks. In this way, the Spanish military can combine their military training with academic and professional training .

Below, we present some of the university degrees that you can study in the Spanish Army:


How to study a career in the Spanish army?

To study a career in the Spanish army, you must take a degree in Security and Defense Sciences at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. The duration of the degree is four years and is divided into two stages. The first stage lasts two years and is dedicated to basic military training. In the second stage, of another two years, military specialties are studied. At the end of the degree, the Grade of Division General Officer of the Army, Navy or Air Force is obtained.

In order to access the degree, you must pass a selection process that consists of a knowledge test, a personal interview and a psychological test. It is also required to have Spanish nationality, to be in possession of the Baccalaureate Degree or equivalent and to be between 18 and 22 years of age.

What do you have to study to enter the Army?

To enter the Army, the Baccalaureate level of studies is required. However, the Army especially values ​​candidates with higher education, since they provide a higher level of training and, therefore, a greater capacity for analysis and decision-making.

Likewise, the Army also offers the possibility of studying Higher Level Vocational Training (FP) at the Institute of Military Education (IEM) , where teaching is given in the specialties of Computer Science, Electricity, Mechanics and Electronics . To access these studies, it is necessary to pass an Access Test for Vocational Training Cycles .

In order to study at the IEM, you must be over 18 years of age and under 22 years of age . Likewise, it is required to be in possession of a Bachelor's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree by Free Path .

What branches are there in the Spanish army?

The Spanish Army is divided into six branches: Infantry, Artillery, Engineers, Quartermaster, Materials and Transmissions, and Health. There is also a special branch, the Civil Guard, which is under the orders of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Infantry is the largest branch of the army. It is in charge of fighting in hand-to-hand combat, and controlling the territory. The Artillery is the second branch in importance. It is responsible for providing fire support to troops on the battlefield, as well as destroying targets at long range. Health is responsible for providing medical support both to troops on the battlefield and to civilians in conflict zones . The Administration is in charge of providing logistical support to the troops, such as food, water and equipment. The Materials Branch is in charge of providing the necessary equipment for the troops, such as weapons, ammunition and vehicles. TheTransmissions Branch is in charge of providing the necessary communications support for the troops, such as radios and radar systems. The Civil Guard is a special branch of the army that is under the orders of the Ministry of the Interior. It is in charge of the internal security of the country, as well as the protection of borders.

What baccalaureate should be chosen to do the military career

If you are interested in pursuing a military career, there are different high school options that you can study to prepare yourself. Below, we detail some of the most suitable baccalaureates for this vocation:

  • Scientific Baccalaureate : This type of baccalaureate focuses on the subjects of science and mathematics, which can be very useful if you are interested in a military career. In this baccalaureate, other subjects are also studied, such as history, language or geography, which can be of great help for your future career.
  • Technical Baccalaureate : If you are interested in pursuing a military career and, at the same time, studying a technical specialty, this type of baccalaureate may be the right one for you. In this case, you will be able to study a specific technical subject, such as computer science, mechanics or electricity, which will be very useful in your future military career.
  • Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences : This baccalaureate focuses on subjects in the humanities, such as literature, philosophy, or Latin, and in the social sciences, such as history, geography, or economics. If you are interested in a military career, this baccalaureate can be of great help, as it will provide you with a solid foundation in the humanities and social sciences.

In general, any baccalaureate can be suitable for a military career, since they all provide a solid foundation in terms of general knowledge. However, if you are interested in this career, you can choose to study one of the baccalaureates mentioned above, since they will be of great help in your future military career.

To study careers in the Spanish army, you can study careers in Engineering, Sciences, Humanities and Arts. You can also study careers in Economics, Law and Political Science.

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