What do you have to study to be a flight attendant?

There are many people who think that to be a flight attendant it is enough to have a good presence and know how to serve the public well, but this is not entirely true. Although it is true that the presence and customer service are important, there are many other things that must be taken into account when being a flight attendant.

To be a flight attendant, you have to study a specific technical career called “Higher Technician in Flight Services Management”. This career can be studied in different centers in Spain, such as the Madrid Civil Aviation School.

The degree lasts two years and can be studied both in person and online. Some of the subjects studied in this career are: flight management, legislation applicable to civil aviation, safety and in-flight emergencies, passenger care, among others.

Once you have finished your degree, you have to pass some physical and psychotechnical tests to be able to work as a flight attendant. In some cases, a high level of English is also required.


What studies do you have to take to be a flight attendant?

To be a flight attendant, it is required to study at the university level in a related career such as Tourism or International Relations. Some airlines may also require a specific training course in the area of ​​air safety.

Regarding personal characteristics, it is required to be over 18 years of age, to be in good health and, of course, an excellent presentation. It is important to have a good level of English and, in some cases, another language.

What is the salary of a flight attendant

The remuneration of a flight attendant can vary depending on the airline they work for, seniority and the country in which they operate. In Spain, the average gross annual salary of a flight attendant is 21,600 euros, according to data from the Salarium portal.

In the United States, the average annual salary of a flight attendant is $56,000 (about 49,000 euros at current exchange rates), according to the Glassdoor job portal.

In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of a flight attendant is 22,000 pounds (about 25,000 euros at current exchange rates), according to the Reed employment portal.

In Germany, the average annual salary of a flight attendant is 36,000 euros, according to data from the Stepstone job portal.

In France, the average annual salary of a flight attendant is 24,000 euros, according to data from the Keljob employment portal.

How many languages ​​do you have to know to be a flight attendant?

To be a flight attendant, it is recommended that you speak at least one second language, preferably English. However, the number of languages ​​spoken is not the only requirement to be a flight attendant. Interpersonal skills, communication skills, teamwork skills and a positive attitude are also required. Flight attendants are expected to be courteous, attentive and helpful at all times. Flight attendants must be willing to work in a constantly changing environment and must be able to quickly adapt to changes. Flight attendants must also have a good sense of direction, as they must be able to guide passengers in an emergency. Flight attendants must be able to deal with stress and pressure, since sometimes they can face high tension situations. In general, flight attendants are expected to be professional, efficient, and capable of providing high-quality service to passengers.

How long does the flight attendant course last?

Flight attendant courses usually last between 4 and 6 months, depending on the school and the study program. Some of the factors that can influence the duration of the course are the number of flight hours, the number of students per class and the number of days of the week that are flown. In general, between 40 and 60 flight hours are required to complete the course.

Most schools offer 4-month flight attendant courses, which are taken full-time. However, some schools offer 6-month courses that can be done part-time. Part-time courses may be an option for those who cannot attend classes on a daily basis or do not have the time to complete the course in the 4-month period.

Some schools offer the option of taking the course online. These courses can be more flexible in length as students can complete the lessons at their own pace. However, it is important to note that online courses do not usually include flight hours, so students will need to complete this part of the course separately.

To be a flight attendant you have to study a technical flight career or in some cases, a degree in tourism or international trade. Another option is to take a specific flight attendant training course, which lasts a few months and in which everything necessary for the position is taught. It must be borne in mind that to work in this sector you must meet certain physical and psychological requirements, in addition to having a good level of English.

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