What do you have to study to be a nurse in Spain?

To be a nurse in Spain it is required, at least, to be in possession of a university degree in Nursing, issued by a teaching center authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Currently, according to Royal Decree 1393/2007, the Degree in Nursing lasts four years and is structured in a total of 240 ECTS credits, distributed in theoretical, practical and research teaching.


How long does the Nursing degree last in Spain?

Nursing in Spain has a duration of three years. Some students choose to do a master's degree in nursing, which would take another two years.

What does it take to be a nurse in Spain?

To be a nurse in Spain you need:

  • Be in possession of an official nursing university degree
  • Be registered in the Official College of Nursing of the corresponding province
  • Comply with the requirements established by current legislation on health

What is needed to study nursing

Passion: To study nursing, you need to have a passion for caring for others and a desire to help those in need. Dedication: You must be willing to dedicate many hours of study and practice to this career. Empathy: You have to be able to put yourself in the other's place and have a lot of sensitivity. Endurance: You must be able to work under pressure and in difficult conditions. Fortitude: You will need a lot of strength to deal with diseases and patients.

How much does the Nursing degree in Spain cost?

Nursing in Spain has an approximate cost of €9,000 per year. This includes tuition, fees, books and teaching materials. However, the actual cost of the degree may vary depending on the university where you study. Some public universities offer scholarships to students with good academic performance or from low-income families.

The Nursing career lasts 4 years and is divided into two stages. The first stage is made up of the first two years of study, in which theoretical subjects are taught. The second stage is made up of the last two years of study, in which practical subjects are taught.

To access the Nursing career it is necessary to have a Baccalaureate degree or equivalent. It is also required to pass a university entrance test, which is carried out every year throughout the country.

Once the degree is finished, nurses and nurses can work in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, etc. They may also choose to work in the private sector or on their own.

In order to be a nurse in Spain, you need to study a four-year university degree. During the first year, basic subjects such as anatomy, physiology and psychology are studied. From the second year, more specific nursing subjects such as clinical nursing, maternal and child nursing, and psychiatric nursing, among others, are studied. It is necessary to pass a final exam to obtain the title of nurse.

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