What does it take to be a dining room monitor?

Being a dining monitor is a very important task at school. The monitors are responsible for helping the children to eat and clean their hands. They also have to make sure that the children do not eat their belongings.

Being a dining monitor requires a lot of responsibility and patience. It is also important to be good at organizing. Dining monitors must be able to help children with their homework and answer their questions.


What does it take to be a school canteen monitor?

To be a school canteen monitor, you need some minimum requirements. In the first place, it is necessary to have an intermediate degree in Early Childhood Education, although it will be appreciated that the applicant has a higher degree in Social Education or teaching. It is also necessary to have a criminal certificate and a medical certificate.

To qualify for this job, it is necessary to submit an application specifying the personal data, the degree held and the certificates provided.

Once the application is made, a personal interview will be carried out in which the candidate's aptitudes for the position will be evaluated.

The school canteen monitor will be in charge of supervising the proper functioning of the canteen, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the children and carrying out the cleaning and maintenance tasks of the canteen.

How much does a school canteen monitor earn?

Salaries for school cafeteria monitors depend on many factors, including location, size of establishment, and level of experience. However, according to data from the Indeed job portal, the average annual salary of a school canteen monitor in Spain is 16,700 euros gross.

Regarding the average monthly salary, according to the same source, the salary of a school canteen monitor in Spain is 1,400 euros gross, which is about 1,100 euros net per month.

On the other hand, the average annual salary of a school canteen monitor in the United States is $27,000 gross, according to the Glassdoor employment website. This amounts to about $2,250 per month, approximately.

Regarding the average monthly salary of a school canteen monitor in the United Kingdom, according to the Reed employment website, it is 1,600 gross pounds, which means about 1,300 net pounds.

What does a dining room monitor have to do?

A dining room monitor has to be responsible, attentive and affectionate. She also has to have a lot of patience, since she will be working with small children. Some of her tasks will include supervising the dining room at lunch, helping the children eat, and cleaning up after lunch.

How many hours does a dining room monitor work?

The working day of a dining room monitor can vary depending on the center in which they work, being 25 to 30 hours a week in most cases. However, in some cases it can reach a total of 35 hours per week.

The dining room monitor usually works in the morning, although in some cases she can also do it in the afternoon. However, depending on the hours in which the dining room service is carried out, the working day may vary.

You need a great organizational capacity, a great capacity for teamwork and a lot of patience. Good communication skills are also required as this is a job where you are constantly dealing with children.

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