What is needed to work in school canteens?

Many children in Spain reconcile study with work. According to INE data, 16.6% of students between the ages of 16 and 24 work to pay for their studies. Work in school canteens is one of the main sources of income for these young people.

But what does it take to work in a school canteen? First of all, it is necessary to have the appropriate degree . According to the BOE, the requirements to work in a dining room are the following:

-Have ESO or a mid-level professional certificate in hospitality or cooking.

-Take a food handling course .

-Have a medical certificate that certifies that the candidate does not suffer from any disease that can be transmitted through food.


What to study to work in a school canteen?

To work in a school canteen, you need to study a career related to food or catering. Some of the careers that can be studied are:

  • Cooking and gastronomy
  • Restoration
  • Nutrition
  • Food Technology

In addition to studying one of these careers, you also need experience in food handling and customer service. Great care must be taken with hygiene and food safety, since you will be working with food. It is important to treat children and adolescents well, since they are the main customer of this type of establishment.

How much does a school canteen monitor make?

A school canteen monitor usually charges based on her experience and the area in which she works. In general, the salary can vary between 600 and 1,200 euros gross per month.

Regarding experience, a person who has just started his professional career usually earns a little less than a person with more years of experience. As for the area, in the big cities there is usually more job offer and, therefore, the salaries are usually a little higher than in rural areas.

To find out exactly how much a school canteen monitor charges, it is best to ask the person or company that hires the service directly.

What is a dining room attendant?

Dining room assistants are a professional figure who is responsible for carrying out various tasks in the field of catering. Specifically, its main function is to serve the customer, both when taking the order and when serving the food. Likewise, they are also in charge of keeping the dining room in perfect hygienic and clean conditions, and preparing the table for service.

In some cases, dining room assistants may be specialized in specific tasks, such as preparing drinks or serving customers when paying the bill. However, its main function remains to ensure that the dining room functions optimally at all times.

To do this, they must be in constant contact with the kitchen, cleaning and dining room staff, with the aim of coordinating their tasks and ensuring the proper functioning of the dining room. Likewise, they must also be attentive to the needs of customers and be willing to offer them a quality service at all times.

In summary, dining room assistants are a key figure in the field of catering, since they are the ones in charge of guaranteeing the proper functioning of the dining room and good customer service.

How much does a morning classroom monitor earn?

Morning classroom monitors earn a base salary of $30,000 pesos . In addition, they receive a $1,500 bonus for each group they serve. The monitors also have the possibility of earning extra hours if they wish.

In general, morning classroom monitors work Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm . However, some monitors can work flexible hours , depending on the needs of the school.

To work in a school canteen, you need, above all, to be a responsible person who is committed to caring for children. In addition, it is required to have experience in the catering sector and, specifically, in serving meals to children. Likewise, it is important to have training in HACCP and food handling.

Finally, the worker in a school canteen must be flexible and be willing to adapt to the schedules that are imposed in this type of center.

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