What is the career of nutrition and dietetics?

The Nutrition and Dietetics degree studies the impact of food on health. You learn to prepare customized nutritional plans to correct or improve specific pathologies .

Food and nutrition are fundamental to maintaining a good state of health and preventing diseases. Therefore, the objective of the Nutrition and Dietetics degree is to teach how to develop healthy eating plans, as well as to correct or improve those pathologies that are related to poor nutrition.

For this, a series of subjects are studied that allow us to know the impact of food on our body and how it can affect certain diseases. Likewise, practices are carried out in the laboratory and in health centers, in order to put into practice all the knowledge acquired.

Once the degree is finished, the Nutrition and Dietetics professional will be able to carry out their work both in the private and public spheres, since more and more hospitals, health centers and clinics have a dietitian-nutritionist in their template.


What is given in the Nutrition and Dietetics career?

The Nutrition and Dietetics career focuses on food and human nutrition. Nutrients and composition of food are studied, as well as the effects of food on health. Issues related to nutrition education, diet planning and dietary advice are also addressed.

Nutrition and Dietetics students learn to formulate and evaluate diets, as well as to develop and monitor healthy eating plans. They also study human physiology and cell biology, and gain knowledge in sports nutrition, infant nutrition, and nutrition for aging.

The Nutrition and Dietetics career is usually divided into two stages. The first teaches the fundamentals of food and nutrition science, and the second delves into specific topics such as sports nutrition or nutrition for aging.

Some of the topics covered in the Nutrition and Dietetics degree are:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • biochemistry of food
  • Food composition
  • Effects of food on health
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Child nutrition
  • nutrition for aging
  • diet planning
  • Prevention of diet-related diseases

What is studied in dietetics?

Dietetics is a discipline of nutrition science that is dedicated to the study of the human diet and its effects on health. It focuses on the composition of food and how it affects the body. He also studies the social and cultural impact of food on health.

Dietetics deals with the development of balanced and healthy eating plans, as well as nutritional education of the population. Likewise, it investigates the effects of certain foods on health, as well as the interactions between food and medication.

To do this, a series of tools are used, such as food composition, nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, psychology, sociology and economics.

The nutrition and dietetics major focuses on healthy eating and the preparation of nutritious meals. Students learn about the composition of foods, the impact of diet on health, and how to plan and prepare balanced diets. They also study how nutrition affects growth, development, and athletic performance. Nutrition and dietetics students may also specialize in areas such as diet education, nutrition research, or food and beverage management.

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