What is the longest university degree in Spain?

The longest university course in Spain is Medicine, with a duration of six years. They are followed in order of duration by the careers of Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Architecture, with a duration of five years. Technical courses usually last three years, and undergraduate courses, four.


What is the longest degree to study?

The longest career to study at present is Medicine, with a minimum duration of 9 years. however, there are other studies that can last longer, such as Dentistry and Architecture, which can last between 10 and 12 years.

The duration of a university degree is determined by the study plan of each university and, in some cases, also by the country in which it is studied. In Spain, for example, the minimum duration of a degree is 3 years, while in the United States it is 4 years.

Although the Medicine degree is the longest, it is not always necessary to study 9 years to practice the profession. In some countries, such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, there are medicine programs that allow you to obtain a degree in 6 years.

In conclusion, the longest career to study at present is Medicine, with a minimum duration of 9 years, although there are other studies that can last longer.

How many years does the longest university degree last?

The longest university degree is Medicine, which lasts about 9 to 10 years. This is because the Medicine university career is divided into three stages: undergraduate, postgraduate and residency. Undergraduate is the first level of the degree and lasts 4 years. Then comes graduate school, which lasts another 4 to 5 years. And finally, the residency, which lasts from 3 to 4 years.

Thus, in total, the university career in Medicine can last between 9 and 10 years.

What is the shortest degree in college?

There are many college degrees that can be completed in less than four years. Some of the shorter races include:

  • computer's science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Psychology

The shorter majors are usually those where you focus on a specific area of ​​study. This means that students can complete their studies in less time, since they are not taking as many subjects as they would in a more general degree.

Although completing a university degree in less than four years is possible, it is not always recommended. Many times, students need more time to assimilate all the information they are learning. Students may also need to take advanced level subjects to complete their studies in the specified time.

What career is the most studied in Spain?

According to the latest OECD report, in Spain the most studied career is Health Sciences . In second place is Social and Legal Sciences and in third place Economics and Business .

The careers most in demand in Spain are those that offer a greater job opportunity . Spanish students look for careers in which they can get a good job after finishing their studies.

Some of the most demanded careers in Spain are:

  • Health Sciences
  • Social and Legal Sciences
  • Economy and Business
  • Engineering
  • Architecture

The longest university course in Spain is Medicine , followed by Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine . These careers have a duration of six years.

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