What is the name of the person who makes musical instruments?

Luthiers are craftsmen specialized in the manufacture and repair of plucked string instruments. The luthier trade is one of the oldest occupations of man. The term comes from the French luth , meaning lute . The luthier can specialize in the manufacture of a particular type of instrument, such as guitars, violins or cellos, or can be dedicated to the repair of any stringed instrument.


What is a person who makes musical instruments called?

In general, the person who makes, assembles, or repairs stringed instruments is called a luthier . The profession of luthier dates back to the Middle Ages, and specialized in the manufacture of violins from the 16th century.

Although the term luthier is applied to all stringed instruments, there are artisans specialized in the manufacture of certain instruments, such as guitarreros ( guitarists), who are dedicated to the manufacture and repair of guitars; or harpists , who specialize in making and repairing harps.

Today, most luthiers are independent craftsmen working in small workshops. However, there are some large companies specialized in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as Gibson or Fender .

What does a Luthier do?

A luthier is a person who builds or repairs violins, cellos, or guitars. The trade requires great skill and knowledge of the subject, and the most talented luthiers can build very high quality instruments. In some cases, luthiers are also dedicated to the sale of new and used instruments.

To be a luthier, it is necessary to have a lot of patience and be very meticulous. Building a good violin, for example, requires months of work, and each instrument is unique. Luthiers must have a good ear, since they must be able to tune the instruments perfectly. They must also have good manual skills, as many of the techniques require great precision.

If you want to be a luthier, the first thing you should do is learn everything you can about the subject. You can learn self-taught, or you can enroll in a specialized course. In any case, it is necessary that you have a lot of perseverance and that you are willing to learn all the time. You should also take into account that the trade of luthier requires a large investment, since the instruments and the necessary tools are very expensive.

The person who makes musical instruments is called a luthier.

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