What studies are needed to be mosso d'esquadra

To be a mosso d'esquadra, you need to be in possession of a Baccalaureate Degree or equivalent. However, if you want to study the Higher Level Training Cycle of Private Security Professional Training and thus qualify for the title of Higher Technician in Private Security , you will be interested to know that any Intermediate Level of Professional Training title is valid .

Once you have passed the Selective Process for Admission to the National Police , you must take a nine-week Adaptation Course at the Police Academy .


What do I have to study to be a police officer?

To be a mosso d'esquadra in the Spanish National Police, you have to overcome an opposition. Currently, the training is carried out at the Training Center of the National Police (CFNP) in Ávila.

To qualify to be a national police officer, you must pass an entrance test for the National Police, which is a knowledge test. In this exam, knowledge of the Spanish language, a foreign language, Spanish history, Spanish geography, constitutional law, criminal law, commercial law, civil law, accounting and psychology are valued. In addition, there are tests of physical aptitude, mastery of weapons and driving, as well as a psychotechnical test.

Once you have passed the entrance exam, you have to take a three-month training course at the CFNP, which studies topics such as police legislation, weapons and intervention techniques, personal defense, driving, shooting, computing, etc.

At the end of the training course, students take a theoretical-practical exam and, if they pass it, they are assigned a destination. Currently, the duration of active service for national police officers is 25 years.

How much does a mosso d'esquadra charge per month in 2022?

According to the latest decree published by the Government of Spain, the monthly salary of a mosso d'esquadra in 2022 will be 2,856.87 euros . This amount will increase depending on various factors, such as seniority, qualifications or level of studies. The gross annual salary of a mosso d'esquadra will therefore be 34,282.44 euros .

The mossos d'esquadra are agents of the Police of Catalonia, a security body that is in charge of ensuring public order and the safety of citizens. To access this security body, it is necessary to pass a rigorous selection process, which includes a theoretical exam and a physical exam .

Once these exams have been passed, applicants for mosso d'esquadra must complete a one-year training course . During this course, students learn both theoretical and practical aspects, such as the handling of weapons or self-defense techniques.

After finishing the training course, the new agents of the Police of Catalonia begin to work in a police station . In this first year of work, the mossos d'esquadra are considered second class agents , and their salary is slightly lower than that of first class agents.

From the second year of work, the mossos d'esquadra are considered first class agents , and their salary is slightly higher than that of second class agents. In the case of first class agents, the gross monthly salary is 2,936.87 euros .

What does a mosso d'esquadra charge per month?

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the initial base salary of a police officer, with the Local Police Degree, is 1,374.58 euros gross per month. This base salary increases based on seniority, bonuses for academic or professional merit, degree, specialization, function performed or the geographical area in which the service is provided.

On the other hand, local police officers are entitled to a series of salary supplements based on their academic or professional merits, their degree, their specialization or the function performed. Specifically, the most common remuneration supplements are the following:

  • Destination supplement: it is granted to those local police officers who provide service in particularly sensitive or difficult-to-access areas.
  • Specialization Add-on: Awarded to local police officers who have certification from an officially recognized specialization course.
  • Complementary degree: it is granted to local police officers who have an official academic title of medium grade, higher grade or bachelor's degree.
  • Seniority allowance: awarded to local police officers based on their seniority in the force.

Regarding paid leaves, local police officers are entitled to a total of 30 days a year, distributed as follows:

  • 22 days of vacation leave.
  • 5 days of sick leave.
  • 3 days leave for personal matters.

How long does the mossos course last?

The mossos course lasts a total of 12 weeks, although the time varies depending on the specialty in which the student is trained. The training is divided into three phases:

  • Theoretical phase: in which aspects related to security and defense are studied, as well as the laws and operation of the State Security Forces and Corps.
  • Practical phase: in which exercises and simulations of dangerous situations are carried out, so that students can put into practice what they have learned.
  • Specialization phase: in which the student is trained in a certain specialty, such as a police dog, investigative techniques, etc.

At the end of the course, students must pass a theoretical and practical exam, in order to obtain the title of agent of the Mossos d'Esquadra.

To be a mosso d'esquadra, you need to have intermediate or higher education in any specialty. However, police training is carried out at the Institute for Criminal Investigation and International Security, where subjects such as criminology, criminal law, psychology and sociology are studied.

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