What subjects validate me from fp to career

After a lot of studying and hard work, you have finally finished Vocational Training . Now it's time to decide which path to take: continue with your Higher Degree or start working?

On many occasions, FP students do not know what to do once they finish their studies. They are at a crossroads and do not know whether to continue studying or look for work.

But what if we told you that you don't have to choose? What if we told you that, with your Vocational Training Degree , you can access Higher Level Training Cycles (CFGS)?

The Validation of FP to CFGS allows you to study a Higher Degree in the same time it would take to do it if you did not have the FP Title .

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the Validation of FP to CFGS : what it is, how it works, what are its advantages, how the Validation process is carried out ... So don't miss it!


How to know which subjects validate me in another career?

The validation of subjects is the process by which credits can be transferred from one degree to another, so that those subjects do not have to be taken again. To find out which subjects validate you in another degree, the first thing you should do is consult the catalog of validations of the university you want to enroll in. In this catalog it is specified which subjects of a career can be validated by other subjects of another career.

If you cannot find the validation catalog or you are not sure how to interpret it, it is best to contact the information and academic guidance service of the university for advice. In some cases, you will also be able to request a validation report , which is a document that specifies which subjects of a degree can be validated for other subjects of another degree.

To request a validation report, the first thing you must do is fill out the validation request form found on the university's academic procedures portal . Once you have filled out the form, you must send it by email to the academic secretary of your faculty or school, along with the required documentation. The required documentation is usually the DNI , the academic title and the academic certificate .

Once the university has received the application and the required documentation, they will contact you to inform you of the decision. In some cases, the validation request can be approved automatically , without the need for any type of processing. In other cases, the validation request may be denied by the university.

How many credits validate a higher degree?

To validate a higher degree, a minimum of 60 ECTS credits are required. These credits can be obtained in several ways:

  • Studying and passing subjects from a higher grade study plan.
  • Taking and passing university entrance exams (PAU).
  • Approving subjects of free choice or free choice.
  • Obtaining credits from previous academic merits (for example, high marks in Selectividad or in an International Baccalaureate).

In any case, in order to obtain the higher degree qualification, a total of 60 ECTS credits must be passed, with the minimum pass rate being 40%.

How many credits are a FP?

Vocational Training courses have a duration of 1,800 hours, and are distributed over two academic years. Currently, the Spanish educational system establishes that one ECTS credit (European Credit Transfer System) is equivalent to 25 hours of study.

Therefore, a Vocational Training course is equivalent to 45 ECTS credits.

How long does it take to validate a FP subject?

The validation of a Vocational Training (FP) subject can take several months. First of all, the student must request the validation of the subject from the university that teaches the course. If the university accepts the application, the student must follow an evaluation process, which may include a theoretical and/or practical exam. If the student passes the evaluation, the subject will be validated and recorded in the academic record. If the student does not pass the evaluation, the subject will not be validated.

In some cases, the validation of a VET course may require the approval of a court. Students who wish to validate a FP subject must submit an application to a validation panel, which will evaluate the case and make a decision. If the court approves the validation, the subject will be recorded in the student's academic record. If the court does not approve the validation, the subject will not be registered in the academic record.

Some subjects of a medium or higher level training cycle can be validated at the university in some cases. This means that the student will not have to take that subject at the university if they have taken it in the training cycle, as long as they have passed the subject and the teaching center where they are going to enroll agrees.

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