Work as a school canteen monitor in Madrid

School canteen monitors are needed to work in different schools in Madrid. The tasks to be carried out would be the following:

-Cleaning of the dining area.

-Serve food to the children.

-Monitoring of children during dining room hours.

-Collaborate with the school staff in everything that is needed.

The requirements for the position are:

-Previous experience in the sector (preferably in schools).

-Availability to work morning/afternoon hours.

-Current food handler card.

- Own vehicle to be able to travel to the different schools.


How much does a school canteen monitor make in Madrid?

The average salary of a school canteen monitor in Madrid is approximately 1,000 euros per month. However, the salary can vary depending on experience, the area in which you work and the size of the school.

What do the dining monitors charge at the school?

The lunch monitors at the school charge a fee per day, which depends on the number of students they serve. Usually, the price varies between 3 and 5 euros per day, although they may also charge a monthly fee. Some schools offer discounts for large families or for paying several months in advance.

The function of the dining room monitor is to supervise the proper functioning of the dining room, as well as to ensure the hygiene and safety of the students. They are also in charge of distributing food and cleaning the area after the students have finished eating.

Cafeteria monitors are usually secondary school or high school students who are willing to work during cafeteria hours. Some colleges offer scholarships to students who want to work as lunch monitors, so they don't have to pay the fee.

How many children does a dining room monitor have to have?

A dining room monitor has to have a maximum of 20 children under her care. This is so that you can give all of them the necessary attention and make them feel safe and secure.

The monitor must be attentive to all children at all times, to prevent them from getting hurt or hurt. She should also see that all children eat enough and wash their hands before and after eating.

The monitor must be patient and loving with the children, but must also be firm when necessary. Children need to know that they can trust her and that she will follow their instructions.

Being a dining room monitor is a very important job, since the children spend most of their day in the dining room. It is a great responsibility, but it is also very rewarding.

What to study to be a school canteen monitor?

To be a school canteen monitor, you need to study a degree in education or nutrition. You must be very patient and responsible, since you are dealing with children. It is important to have organizational skills, be creative and imaginative to make the meal a pleasant moment for children. Likewise, it must be easy to relate to children and their families.

The school canteen monitors in Madrid have the function of helping children with the canteen and the kitchen. They work as a team with others to make sure the children eat and wash well. They can also help in organizing games and activities. School canteen monitors in Madrid have a great opportunity to work with children and help them grow and learn.

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