You can be a security guard without it

There are many jobs that require a specific certification or degree, but did you know that you can also practice security surveillance without it? If possible. Although this does not mean that it is the best option, since the more prepared you are, the better your work will be.

To be a security guard, you do not need to study a specific career or have a certification, but you do need to meet certain requirements and pass some exams. First of all, you must have a good general training, since you will have to deal with various situations. In addition, you must have a good physique, since many times you will have to intervene in dangerous situations. And finally, you must have good observation skills, since you will be the eye of security.

Although you do not need to study a specific career, you do need to pass some exams. Firstly, you must pass a theory test on security, and secondly, a physical exam. The physical exam is very important, as it will allow you to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to deal with dangerous situations. If you pass these two exams, you will be able to practice security surveillance.

Although it is not the most recommended option, you can be a security guard without it. The important thing is to meet certain requirements and pass some exams. If you have the necessary skills, you will be able to perform security surveillance efficiently and safely.


What studies are needed to be a security guard

To be a security guard, you need a security license, which can be obtained through a security agency or your local Police Department. Gun control exam and 8 hour training required, and must be 21 years of age. A hair dye test and a substance control test are also required.

Security guards must have a good criminal record, be in good physical shape, and be willing to work in a stressful environment. They must also have good communication skills and be able to remain calm in crisis situations.

How tall does a security guard have to be?

Security guards must meet a series of requirements to be able to practice their profession. Regarding height, according to Royal Decree 513/2014 , of July 4, which regulates the exercise of the private security profession, the security guard must measure at least 1.60 meters.

Article 12 of the same royal decree specifies that the security guard must pass an initial training course of a minimum duration of 160 hours. This training course must be given in training centers authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

The security guard initial training course is divided into three modules:

  • Module I: private security and protection of goods and people.
  • Module II: intervention and control techniques.
  • Module III: specific acting techniques.

The requirements to access this training course are the following:

  1. Have Spanish nationality or one of the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.
  2. Be eighteen years old and not have exceeded the age of thirty-five.
  3. Be in possession of the Graduate Title in Compulsory Secondary Education or equivalent.
  4. Not having been separated by means of a disciplinary file from the service of the Armed Forces, the Civil Guard or the National Police, nor being disqualified from the exercise of public functions.
  5. Not having been sentenced by final sentence for an intentional crime to a prison sentence of four years or more, nor being disqualified from the exercise of his profession or trade.
  6. Not suffer from illness or physical deficiency that prevents the correct performance of the functions of the profession.
  7. Be in possession of the Criminal Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  8. Not having suffered a criminal record or being disqualified from exercising the profession of security guard.
  9. Not having been the object

    How to get security guard badge

    To obtain the security guard badge, the criminal record certificate must be requested from the National Registry of Inmates (RENAR), which is the body in charge of providing this information. Then, this document must be presented, along with other requirements, before the Ministry of National Security. In some cases, the police record certificate must also be presented.

    The requirements to obtain the security guard badge are:

    • Be over 21 years old
    • Have a clean criminal record certificate
    • Have a police record certificate with no criminal record
    • Have a driver's license
    • Be the holder of a bank account
    • Not suffer from mental or physical illnesses that prevent the exercise of the function
    • Not have been convicted of any crime
    • Have resided in the country for the last five years
    • Have completed and approved the security guard training course

    To take the security guard training course, the criminal record certificate, the police record certificate, the driver's license and the bank account must be presented. The course lasts 80 hours and is taught in institutes or academies authorized by the National Ministry of Security.

    What can't a security guard do?

    A security guard cannot act like a policeman, although he can call the police if he sees a crime. They cannot arrest anyone, not even detain them until the police arrive. They may not carry firearms, although they may carry a cane or pepper spray. They may not enter private property without the owner's permission. They cannot ask anyone to identify themselves unless they believe they are committing a crime. They can't take pictures or videotape people without their consent.

    The it is an option for those who want to be security guards, but it is not necessary. You can be a good security guard without it, as long as you meet certain requirements and take the necessary precautions.

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