You can do high school with applied mathematics in 4 eso

4th ESO students who choose the Baccalaureate with Applied Mathematics option will take on one more subject at the stage, but will be able to opt for further studies in technical or science careers. Currently, the Baccalaureate with applied mathematics is offered in a general way in all centers in Spain, and is aimed at students who want to study technical or science careers at the university.


What baccalaureate can I do with Applied Mathematics?

High school students who are interested in studying applied mathematics may consider doing a bachelor's degree in science or mathematics. These studies will allow them to access university and professional careers in a wide variety of areas, such as engineering, computer science and finance. Students who choose to study science can expect to study a variety of topics, while mathematics students will focus on the application of mathematics in areas such as statistics and probability. Both types of studies are considered very demanding and require a high level of skill for success.

What subjects are there in 4 of the ESO applied

  • Language and literature: In 4 of ESO, Spanish and Latin American literature is studied, as well as Universal literature. We continue working on the production of oral and written texts and their interpretation.
  • English: In ESO 4, the study of English focuses on the acquisition of a wide and varied vocabulary, as well as grammar and pronunciation. Comprehension and production of oral and written texts are also worked on.
  • Math: In math we continue to work with whole and rational numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents. We also study geometry in space and in the plane, functions, and algebra.
  • Physics and Chemistry: In ESO 4 we study matter and space, energy and work, as well as electricity and magnetism. We also study the structure and properties of matter, the chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds, and the chemistry of carbon.
  • Biology and Geology: In biology we study living things, evolution, ecology and biodiversity. In geology we study the earth, land relief, climate, erosion and meteorology.
  • Technology: In ESO 4 we study computing and robotics, as well as product manufacturing and project management.
  • Physical education: In ESO 4 we continue to work on physical education and sports. We also study nutrition and health.
  • Plastic and visual: In ESO 4 we study the history of art, painting, sculpture, photography, music and cinema. We also study composition and form in art.
  • Philosophy: In 4 of ESO we study Greek philosophy and contemporary philosophy. We continue working on the analysis and interpretation of philosophical texts.
  • Religion: In 4 of ESO we study Islam, Judaism and Christianity. We continue working on the analysis and interpretation

    What kind of mathematics is there in 4th ESO

    In 4th ESO the following subjects are studied:

    • Mathematical Analysis: You learn to solve first degree and second degree equations and inequalities. Linear and quadratic functions and their graphs are also studied. Other topics studied are: systems of linear equations, rational numbers, irrational numbers, roots, powers, and radicals.
    • Geometry: Plane and space figures and their properties are studied. They learn to calculate areas and volumes. Other topics studied are: polygons, triangles, circles, conics, parabolas, hyperbolas, and geometric solids.
    • Statistics: You learn to make frequency tables, bar and sector graphs, and to calculate statistics. The laws of probability are also studied, and they learn to solve problems of dependent and independent events.

    In the 4th year of ESO, the basic concepts of mathematics are introduced, which will be necessary to continue studying the Bachillerato mathematics subjects.

    What is more difficult Applied or Academic Mathematics?

    There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on the individual student and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Some students find Applied Maths more difficult because it is more abstract and theoretical. Others find Academic Maths more difficult because it is more focused on memorization and rotate learning. Ultimately, it is up to the individual student to decide which type of Maths is more difficult for them.

    The applied mathematics subject is offered to 4th ESO students in the institutes of the Community of Madrid. It is an optional subject that is currently being taken by some 3,000 students in the region. The objective of this course is for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to address the study of mathematics in the intermediate training cycles and, later, the baccalaureate.

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