You can pass the course with 3 subjects

With the new educational reform, it is established that students enrolled in Baccalaureate will be able to obtain the Bachelor's degree with the average of their grades in three subjects. These three subjects will be the ones chosen by the students, as long as they are from a different area of ​​knowledge. Now, what consequences will this measure have?


What happens if you have 3 subjects left?

Step 1: Don't worry.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and remember that everything is going to be okay.

Step 3: Put into practice everything you have learned so far and get ready for these last subjects.

Step 4: Don't give up, you can!

Step 5: Focus on your ultimate goal and don't let stress overwhelm you.

Step 6: Give yourself a breather once in a while, but don't get lazy.

Step 7: Ask your friends, family, or classmates for help if you feel overwhelmed.

Step 8: Don't forget to enjoy the process! Even if it is difficult, remember that learning is one of the best things in life.

How many subjects do you have to fail to repeat the course?

You can repeat a course for missing a subject, but it is not the same as failing it. If a subject is failed, you have to take it again and pass it in order to be promoted. On the other hand, if the course is repeated, all the subjects will be taken again.

What is the same as failing a subject and repeating the course?

Failing a subject means that it has not been passed and you have to take it again. Repeating the course means that all the subjects will be taken again.

Why can you repeat a course?

A course can be repeated for various reasons, for example, because many classes have been missed, a subject has been failed or a very low grade has been obtained in the bulletin.

What are the consequences of repeating a course?

The consequences of repeating a course can be positive or negative, depending on the situation of each student. Some positive consequences may be that you have more time to study and you can improve your grades. However, some negative consequences may be that the year is lost and the grade is delayed.

How can you avoid repeating a course?

To avoid repeating a course, it is best to study and attend class regularly. It is also important to ask for help if needed and not leave tasks to the last minute.

How many subjects must be failed to repeat in Baccalaureate 2022

In Baccalaureate, according to the Ministry of Education, a student is considered to have failed a subject when they obtain a grade equal to or less than 5 in any of the evaluations carried out throughout the course.

For the 2021/2022 cycle , according to the decree published in the BOE last December, the number of subjects that can be failed to repeat is three . This means that if a student fails four or more subjects, she must repeat the course.

The minimum mark to pass a subject is 5 points. However, in the event that a student obtains a grade of less than 5 in any of the assessments, but the arithmetic mean of it is equal to or greater than 5, they will be considered to have passed the subject .

How many times can it be repeated in ESO 2022

The ESO is the Selectivity Exam, an exam that is taken at the end of ESO to be able to access the university. The test can be repeated up to 3 times.

At present, the Ministry of Education has announced that the ESO is going to be modified from the 2021-2022 academic year. This is a significant change, as a new subject will be introduced, Health and Sport Sciences , which will replace the Physical Education and Health Education subjects . This subject will be taught throughout the course and will be compulsory for all students.

Another novelty that will be introduced is the obligation to study Religion or Ethical and Civic Values . Until now, this subject was optional, but from the 2021-2022 academic year it will be compulsory for all students.

Finally, another of the novelties that will be introduced in ESO from the 2021-2022 academic year is the compulsory nature of studying Technology . Until now, this subject was optional, but starting next year it will be compulsory for all students.

Studying and passing three subjects in an academic year, instead of the usual six or seven, is a possibility offered by the Organic Law of Education (LOE) to high school students who, due to special circumstances, cannot keep up with the pace of work of his classmates.

The conclusion is that, although it is true that the LOE offers this possibility, the educational centers are the ones who decide whether to implement it or not, and currently it is not being carried out in most of them.

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