You can study nursing assistant remotely

Nursing assistants are those people who provide care and attention services to critically ill or ill patients, under the supervision and coordination of a nurse.

The training of a nursing assistant requires an official title issued by an authorized center. Although each autonomous community has its own characteristics, in general, the training itinerary established to obtain the title of nursing assistant consists of a 2,000-hour intermediate level training cycle for nursing assistants .

However, there is the possibility of studying nursing assistant at a distance, which is a great advantage for those people who, for work or family reasons, cannot attend class in person.


How long does the nursing assistant course last?

Nursing assistant courses usually last between six months and one year. Some courses are divided into modules, which allows students more flexibility when taking the program. Students who study the nursing assistant program in face-to-face mode attend classes for a few hours a week. Distance learning students, on the other hand, can study at their own pace and on their own schedule.

At the end of the course, students must pass a theoretical and practical exam. The theoretical exam consists of a series of written questions on the content of the course. The practical exam, on the other hand, evaluates the student's ability to carry out tasks related to nursing assistance, such as taking a patient's temperature or pulse.

Once students have passed the exam, they will receive a diploma or certificate certifying them as nursing assistants. Some courses also offer the possibility of earning an associate's degree in nursing assistant.

How much does the nursing assistant course cost?

The nursing assistant course has a value of approximately $200,000 Chilean pesos. This price may vary depending on the educational institution where the course is taken.

The nursing assistant is a key figure in the health area, since its function is to collaborate directly with the medical staff in the care of patients. For this reason, the nursing assistant course is designed so that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform this important function.

Some of the subjects studied in the nursing assistant course are: anatomy and physiology, basic nursing care, hygiene and grooming, food and nutrition, psychology and sociology.

The nursing assistant course lasts approximately two years and upon completion the title of Nursing Assistant Technician is awarded.

What can't the nursing assistant do?

The nursing assistant cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe medications or perform surgical interventions. In general, the nursing assistant cannot do anything that requires a college degree in nursing or medicine.

The nursing assistant can, however, perform many important tasks to help patients improve their health and well-being. Some of the nursing assistant's duties include administering medications, taking blood samples, giving injections, and assisting with bathing and grooming. The nursing assistant can also provide advice on how to improve health and well-being, and can help patients understand and follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor.

Which sanitary grade has more exits

The sanitary grade is a classification of the establishments according to the raw material they use and the food preparation process .

There are 3 sanitary degrees :

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  • Grade 3: Establishments that manufacture food from packaged raw materials , such as beverages, preserves and pre-cooked products.

Grade 1 and grade 2 establishments require a more complex manufacturing process than grade 3 establishments , for which reason greater sanitary control is required .

Typically, Grade 1 establishments are restaurants , butchers , and fishmongers , while Grade 2 establishments are industrial kitchens and bakeries . Grade 3 establishments , for their part, are supermarkets , food stores and fast food restaurants .

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Although the study of nursing requires internships in the hospital environment, distance courses can be taken to obtain the title of nursing assistant. This can be of great help for those who cannot attend face-to-face classes for work or family reasons. However, it is important to keep in mind that distance study requires a lot of discipline and effort.

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